10 March 2014

The eMerging eReader #1: Introduction

The eMerging eReader @ www.BethFishReads.comeReading: Do you do it? Like many avid readers over a certain age, the transition to eReading has been a rocky road for me. No, I'm not technologically challenged, nor am I quaintly old-fashioned. I think it has been more a matter of habit—after all, I've been reading in print for over fifty years. Overlay that with the fact that I'm reading on a screen for about ten hours a day for work and blogging, and you might begin to understand why I was slow to embrace eReading for fun.

But I had other problems with the medium, mostly having to do with the devices themselves. Early eReaders were fraught with problems: highlighting and note taking were clunky, touch screens were unresponsive, lighting was difficult, and formatting was a mess. Then there was the issue of obtaining eBooks. Just a few years ago, variety was limited and DRM technology forced us to be married to one eReader and one store.

So after wasting my money on unused gadgets and being frustrated with my book choices, I lost interest. That is until last fall when I finally found the magic combination of devices, software, and sources that turned me into an eMerging eReader.

Over the following weeks, I'll be sharing my journey to becoming the eMerging eReader. I'll talk about my mistakes and successes, what I like and what I still hate, the software and devices I use, and the things I still struggle with. Although the transition was easy for many readers, it was both slow and rough for me.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences and to learning from you, as I continue to eEmerge as an eReader. If there are any specific topics you'd like me to discuss, let me know; if I have anything insightful to say, I'll be happy to write about them.


Molly 3/10/14, 7:23 AM  
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Molly 3/10/14, 7:23 AM  

I am VERY much looking forward to this series of posts! I hopped on the first Kindle bandwagon, but for the clunky reasons you mentioned above, I quickly abandoned. I have friends my age who are avid readers and less computer savvy than myself :) .... swear by eReaders, but I still prefer the old-fashioned book.

bermudaonion 3/10/14, 7:39 AM  

I've actually read a couple of books on the iPad I inherited from Carl but it hasn't become my go-to source for books. I'm anxious to see what's working for you.

(Diane) bookchickdi 3/10/14, 7:41 AM  

I too am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences. I got a Kindle early on and am on my third one now, a Kindle Fire tablet. I have to say that I prefer the plain Kindle for taking notes, the Kindle Fire is much more difficult to highlight and take notes with the tap function on books and documents.

SuziQoregon 3/10/14, 8:42 AM  

Oh fun. Looking forward to this. I've had a similar journey myself (multiple devices, formats, sources and software) so I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Alex 3/10/14, 9:04 AM  

I will be looking forward to reading about your eReader journey, too. I have Nook, Kindle, Blue Reader and iBook on my iPad and phone. I read NetGalley books, free PDF books and articles, and books I want to read or own, but I don't want them taking up precious bookcase space. Since I live in NYC, I bus it a lot and read using my phone now, instead of carrying books.

Do I prefer an eReader? Not at all, I love the phycicality of books, the feel of the paper, the smell of the ink, the sound of turning pages and, of course, the content.

Jenn's Bookshelves 3/10/14, 9:33 AM  

I'm so looking forward to reading about your experience! As you know, I was an early eReader, picking up on it from the start. I've tested nearly every eReader out there, discovering that my eReader of choice is actually my iPad! I've read so many other accounts of eReader journeys, each just as unique as the reader themself! How exciting!

JoAnn 3/10/14, 9:44 AM  

An excellent idea!! I'll look forward to this series. It feels like I'm finally emerging as an ereader, too... on my third e-reading device!

Unknown 3/10/14, 9:56 AM  

I'm looking forward to your thoughts. I've evolved as e readers have, started with a Kindle, then a first generation Nook tablet and now I find I read more books on my iPad. I still have the Nook but for e galleys the iPad works best. I really like a basic e reader with e ink for just reading, but most PDF and other files don't transfer well. I will always love the feel of a paper book, but ebooks make reading so portable and easy.

Unknown 3/10/14, 10:13 AM  

I was also an early adopter and have struggled along the way even though I *love* techo-gadgets. Eventually I forged my way owing to the requirements of work, but I still have trouble processing text for enjoyment via eReaders! It sounds like you and I have had very similar struggles and I'm looking to seeing how your journey pans out!

dogeared copy/Tanya

Anonymous,  3/10/14, 10:41 AM  

I'm a pretty recent convert to eReading, too, but I bet my story isn't as interesting as yours. Still always morphing, though.

grammajudyb 3/10/14, 11:09 AM  

I'm really an emerging ereader user too. I have a Kindle Fire, a Christmas gift in 2012. So I have only been at it a year plus a few months. I am still learning. I don't have an iPad or an iPhone either. *sigh*

Beth Hoffman 3/10/14, 11:12 AM  

I can't wait to read about your journey. Just last year I started reading on my iPad, and wow, do I ever love it. The feature of being able to change the font size and the portability have me hooked.

Ann Holt 3/10/14, 11:29 AM  

Still wondering about the future of books. I wanted THE GOLDFINCH so badly I ordered it for my Kindle. Now I am planning to purchase a 'real' copy so I can re-read sections and make notes. When I love a book I want the physical item. It seems to me that some stories are fine in a variety of formats and some are not. Looking forward to your insights.

Melissa Wiebe 3/10/14, 11:55 AM  
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Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) 3/10/14, 11:57 AM  

I'm really looking forward to these posts! I got an early Nook, but had the same problems you mention -- clunky experience and, especially, difficult to get books that were not from B&N on the device to read. Since then, I've toyed with upgrading to a better Nook like the Simple Touch but have started to do most of my ereading on my tablet. But I don't love it -- being on a screen all day can get old -- so I'm curious what combination of devices you use.

Kailana 3/10/14, 12:33 PM  

I am looking forward to this! I think buying a tablet and getting all the apps was the first time e-reading really worked for me. When I had my first e-reader I hardly used it. I now think I am at a comfortable place. While I can't imagine giving up physical books entirely, it has definitely helped with space constraints. This year I made the move to primarily get review copies as e-books. That's a HUGE change for me!

Heather 3/10/14, 2:00 PM  

I'm looking forward to this. I have an eReader that I'm completely delighted with, but I love hearing about other's experiences!

Andi 3/10/14, 2:08 PM  

Really looking forward to following this series of posts. I'm fascinated by the way we read...whether it's e-reader or traditional print.

Anonymous,  3/10/14, 2:22 PM  

This sounds like it will be a great series! I usually go through periods where I only feel like reading paper or only ebooks.

Unknown 3/10/14, 3:48 PM  

I waited until the technology settled down a bit before getting a Kindle Paperwhite and I'm glad I did. I love the device in so many ways and, while I still read printed matter, this is great for my lengthy commute since I always have multiple things to read.

I've also turned a lot of complaining iPad users onto the device since they hate reading on their table. I like the e-ink as it reduces eye strain.

Looking forward to hearing about your own adventure.

Carole 3/10/14, 5:10 PM  

I like the e-ink on Kindle but not the tie in with Amazon. I need to find a new e-reader that is more flexible so I am looking forward to your series. Cheers

TP 3/10/14, 6:52 PM  

Can't wait to see more about this series. I recently got an eReader and although I didn't think I'd love it - I actually do. I still get hardcover books though, and there's not yet any rhyme or reason for what medium I choose to read (or listen to).

Tanya Patrice

Melissa Wiebe 3/10/14, 7:48 PM  

I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

Nan 3/10/14, 9:51 PM  

After starting with the first Kindle, and then the first Nook, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite and I LOVE it. It is a perfect reader for me. I want only a reader, not a device that offers distractions. I use it mostly at night and it saves me holding a book and having to use a little book light. As I said, it is perfect for me.

Anonymous,  3/10/14, 10:00 PM  

I'm looking forward to these posts, as I am slowly becoming an e-reader, too. What hooked me was that, even when I forget to tuck a book in my purse, I have my iPod with the Kindle app. I can also use it to read at night while my husband sleeps. I also love the deals you can get on ebooks. I still primarily read in print and on audio, though.

Vasilly 3/10/14, 10:15 PM  

I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. I was slow to catch on to ereaders. After a while, I loved them but now I just ignore mine. I'm finding that I prefer print overall again.

Meg @ write meg! 3/11/14, 12:47 PM  

Looking forward to your thoughts! I was very hesitant to embrace the e-reading revolution, but my parents treated me to a Kindle for Christmas in 2012 . . . and, well, I've been hooked since. I was initially worried I'd stop wanting to read in print (and have a billion physical books, like many readers), but that definitely hasn't happened. I'd say about 70 percent of my reading is still print-based, but I do enjoy the portable nature of having so many books on hand with the Kindle -- especially for traveling.

Daryl 3/11/14, 2:29 PM  

i love reading on my iPad .. i started ereading on my iphone because carrying 'under the dome' was impossibly heavy .. then i got the ipad amd reading on it and being able to buy books immediately and carry them all with me was so wonderful .. now i have the ipad mini and the only short coming i have found is reading graphic novels .. a small insignificant problem because i dont read many

Margot 3/11/14, 9:54 PM  

I'm looking forward to reading about your experience. I'm curious if your experience mirrors mine.

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