11 October 2014

Weekend Cooking: A Year in Burgundy (Film)

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A Year in Burgundy (Film)This week I'm sharing another interesting foodie documentary I found while checking out my streaming services. A Year in Burgundy, written and directed by David Kennard, lets us visit a handful of wine-making families in the beautiful French countryside.

The year is 2011 and the spring is unusually warm, which means the vines are growing faster than normal. By summer, the growers are worried about drought, and at harvest time, there is the threat of hail. Each family has a different approach and attitude when it comes to growing grapes and turning it into some of the world's most expensive and treasured wine.

Here are some things I learned:
  • Burgundy is the native region for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.
  • Wine has been made in Burgundy for over 2000 years.
  • According to law and tradition, the vineyards in Burgundy cannot be watered or irrigated.
  • The French are crazy controlling when it comes to who can be hired for picking grapes.
  • Some of the wine makers are crazy controlling when it comes to picking and sorting their grapes.
  • The wine from one field can taste different from the wine grown in the field across the lane.
Although this movie isn't a diary of the daily routine of growing grapes and making wine, it does give us an idea of what life's like for the people who are following the generations-long traditions of their individual families. Plus the filming and scenery are simply gorgeous!

Take a look at the trailer and see what you think. By the way, most of the film has an English-speaking narrator, so there isn't an exhausting amount of subtitle reading.


rhapsodyinbooks 10/11/14, 6:11 AM  

We went last year, and it's definitely a big change from laid-back Napa or Sonoma!

Tina 10/11/14, 7:15 AM  

Oh yeah, this is definitely a movie I want to see. Good trailer.
Makes me sad but I will be giving up wine {sob} for 3 months. I will miss it as it's a part of our evening meals.

Tina 10/11/14, 7:23 AM  

Ohhhhh... I made a mistake! I put the wrong link up feel free to delete it! Sorry, I should never link up before a full cuppa coffee!
My correct link is the one from Squirrel Head Manor :-)

Beth F 10/11/14, 7:31 AM  

@Tina -- no worries. I hope everyone visits both links. :)

Sarah (Sarah's Book Shelves) 10/11/14, 7:51 AM  

I'm not really a big wine person...don't get me wrong, I drink lots of it! It's just that I'm not the person that can pick out subtle differences, etc...aka I'm not that discerning. I'll sort of drink any Pinot Grigio.

However, you reminded me to check out the documentaries on Apple TV...my husband and I used to do that all the time and haven't done it in awhile!

jama 10/11/14, 8:09 AM  

Looks like a wonderful documentary -- the French countryside alone would hook me. But I'm always interested in learning about people who are really passionate about their work, no matter what they are producing. I can see how they would be "crazy controlling," when there's a family tradition involved and 2000 years of history to live up to :).

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity 10/11/14, 10:01 AM  

We just got back from wine country in California for my sister's wedding and I'm so bummed that we didn't have the time to attend some tastings at the local vineyards. The countryside sure is beautiful, though!

Those frenchmen sound crazy over their grapes! LOL! I may have to watch for a little bit more understanding of wine. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are two of my favorites.

Esme 10/11/14, 12:47 PM  

I loved Burgundy. It was unseasonably warm when I was there in the fall. I am going to check this out. Thank you.

JoAnn 10/11/14, 1:33 PM  

It's available on Netflix instant - hurray! We will definitely be watching this one.

jilllora 10/11/14, 9:36 PM  

I'd be afraid to watch it for fear I'd want to spend a year in Burgundy. ;-)

Tea 10/12/14, 4:13 AM  

Told you I would stop by. Then, I almost forgot about it. I like that it's written about different families. Now I'm going to look at the film. Have a nice weekend.

Tea 10/12/14, 4:16 AM  

The film is short but interesting. His mother didn't want him to do it. I laughed at that part. I Wonder if they drink wine all day like water. I don't think it would make you drunk. Do you think so?

Joy 10/12/14, 9:57 PM  

Such a great topic for a documentary. I think we'd enjoy this one!

Joy's Book Blog

Laurie C 10/13/14, 9:58 AM  

I love getting your movie recommendations! Another one to add to the list!

Melissa (Avid Reader) 10/13/14, 3:01 PM  

I just watched this one too. It made me want to tour vineyards in France!

Amelia 10/14/14, 1:52 PM  

This looks really interesting. I'm going to have to find it and add it to my list of Documentaries to watch.

Amelia 10/14/14, 4:03 PM  

I'm looking through my library's online catalog and found a book that you might be interested in "The road to Burgundy the unlikely story of an American making wine and a new life in France" by Ray Walker

Beth F 10/14/14, 4:19 PM  

@Amelia Elizabeth: Thanks for the tip to the book!

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