05 December 2014

Product Review: BudStraps

When the nice people at ChicExecs PR offered to send me a sample of something called a BudStrap, I said, "Sure. I'm always struggling with tangled earbuds when I'm out and about." I was hoping for a helpful product, but I wasn't expecting to find a godsend.

So what's a BudStrap? The video you'll find at the end of this post shows it better than I can describe it, but it's essentially a nylon-coated neoprene strap with a clip on each end. You put the strap around the back of your neck and place the clips around the wires of your earbuds, and you'll never have to worry about knotted cords again.

Before I put the BudStrap on, I was a little worried about how comfortable it would be. But, honestly, I don't even notice that I'm wearing it. In fact, I haven't taken my earbuds off the strap in three weeks. Here are the two situations in which I really love having the BudStrap:

  • When I'm listening to a book and I need to turn it off to talk to someone, I can just take the buds out of my ear and let them hang there -- no worries about having to hold them or stuff them in a pocket.
  • When I'm fitness walking or hiking and my buds fall out my ear, I no longer have to worry about tripping over the cords or stopping my workout to retrieve and untangle them.
If you're used to listening to music or a book whenever you have the chance, then you know exactly what I mean. You're walking along, and you stop to talk to a neighbor. You take your earbuds out, and no matter how careful you think you've been, they always end up with a knot. The BudStrap totally solves that problem.

I received the red strap you see in the photo at the top of the post, but the BudStraps will be available in a number of colors. Will be? you ask. Yes, at the moment the makers of the BudStrap are running a Kickstarter campaign so they can purchase an injection mold for the clips and to help fund the development of a lighter sweat-resistant neckband. If you support the campaign, you'll get a BudStrap or two in March 2015.

Check out the Kickstarter site for details about the level of donations still needed and what you get for each dollar amount. Note that I have absolutely no vested interest in this project or product. But I am hoping the BudStrap people get their money, because I love, love, love their product. Click on the Kickstarter link for detailed information and more videos.

For a clearer idea of what the BudStrap looks like and how it's worn, watch the short video.


JoAnn 12/5/14, 8:00 AM  

What a great idea!

Jenn's Bookshelves 12/5/14, 8:31 AM  

Oooh...I definitely need this!

Michelle (my books. my life.) 12/5/14, 9:27 AM  

Interesting. If I ever start running again, I'll look into this.

Mason Canyon 12/5/14, 10:20 AM  

I'm an avid audio book fan and this product looks great. Enjoyed your review.

Vicki 12/5/14, 10:21 AM  

What an cool product!! I get so frustrated when I have to keep untangling my earbuds.

Sandy Nawrot 12/5/14, 12:38 PM  

Wow. Stupid earbud wires are the bane of my existence!

rhapsodyinbooks 12/5/14, 1:41 PM  

I agree, great idea! Thanks for highlighting these!

Belle Wong 12/5/14, 2:07 PM  

Great idea! My earbud wires are always massively tangled.

Sheila (Bookjourney) 12/7/14, 9:50 AM  

Oh I love this! I would totally use them all the time. I once dropped a bud out of my ear while biking and the wire actually wrapped around my tire and I almost fell. I had to cut the wire off my tire it was caught so tight!

(Diane) bookchickdi 12/7/14, 11:58 AM  

This is a very clever solution.

Daryl 12/8/14, 1:43 PM  

clever but alas my issue is not dangling or tangled cords but the buds themselves .. koss makes a 'foam' bud sort of like moldable ear plugs they are the only buds that stay in my ears .. i must have malformed ears ..

Amanda 12/9/14, 7:04 AM  

These look like a fantastic product! I'm not running right now, but I will be once I'm back in Texas again next year, and I'll have to look into them. The worst is snagging your headphones on something and yanking them out of your ears!

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