02 January 2015

Stacked-Up Book Thoughts: The Year-End Edition

Stacked-Up Book Thoughts are my random notes about books I've read, movies I've watched, books I'm looking forward to, and events I hope to get to.

I was not a good stats keeper in 2014. In fact, I was so bad that I didn't even index my reviews until yesterday. Yeah, I was that bad. This means my year-end wrap-up post is lacking many of the entries I usually include. So, without any further disclaimers, here's what I got.

Looking Back

  • First and last book reviewed in 2014: The first book I reviewed was The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd and the last one was Lily Blue, Blue Lily by Maggie Stiefvater; both were audiobooks.
  • Total number of books written about: I wrote about more than 250 books last year, either on the blog or for a freelance assignment. I didn't divide this number into books actually read versus books featured/spotlighted, but I think I read about 170 books.
  • Total number of audiobooks & hours listened: A quick count puts me at 73 audiobooks last year for a total of 924 hours.
  •  Male versus female authors: I don't have exact numbers, but it looks like I read significantly more female authors than male authors in 2014.
  • Some favorite features: The eMerging eReader, Graphically Reading, and Reading On Topic
Looking Forward
  • Staying the same: I'm not planning any major changes to Beth Fish Reads in 2015. I'm looking forward to another year of book reviews and bookish posts, Wordless Wednesday photos, and Weekend Cooking link-ups.
  • Possible major change: Although I swore I'd never have a self-hosted blog, I'm beginning to seriously consider a move to Wordpress. I won't do this on my own, however, so it will be a while before I make the switch, if at all.
  • Book content: The heart of this blog will always be basic book reviews, but I like coming up with a variety of ways to talk about books I'm excited about. So look for some new features in 2015.
  • Nonbook content: I continue to enjoy taking photos and sharing them with you either here or on Instagram. I still love to putter around the kitchen, share recipes, and review cookbooks and food writing, so Weekend Cooking will remain a Saturday feature. I reviewed about 15 movies last year and have plans to keep on writing about what I'm watching. I pushed the envelope in 2014 by talking about eReading apps, by reviewing products, and by sharing what I learned when I bought my new camera. I'm working on a couple of fun posts along these lines, and I can't wait to make them public.
I pulled back a bit from social media for most of December so I could spend time with family and friends during the holiday season. Now I'm feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into the fray of Twitter, Instagram, and blogging. Here's wishing each one of you a happy, healthy 2015!


rhapsodyinbooks 1/2/15, 9:08 AM  

If I didn't indexed as the books appear, I **never** would do it - it would take forever and be too tedious! It's bad enough to do it day by day!

Lindsey 1/2/15, 9:37 AM  

I'm excited to see what other methods you come up with for talking about books. I want book reviews to stay the heart of my blog too, but it can get monotonous. Have a happy and bookish 2015!

bermudaonion 1/2/15, 9:57 AM  

I started out the year with the best intentions when it came to keeping stats but it didn't last long. There's just not enough time to do everything. I won't be making any major changes either.

Belle Wong 1/2/15, 12:03 PM  

This is the first year I'm actually going to try and keep stats, since I've finally given myself a reading goal. I love how many audiobooks you managed to listen to - I'm pushing for a fraction of that amount but it's very exciting. I'm looking forward to reading both your bookish and your nonbook content this year!

Melissa (Avid Reader) 1/2/15, 12:20 PM  

I'm going to try and keep stats this year. I've been meaning to for years, but I only track how many books and what books.

Daryl 1/2/15, 2:18 PM  

good to know you won't be messing with/changing an already pretty perfect format .. happy new year my friend

Unknown 1/2/15, 3:26 PM  

I really want to keep better stats this year. The last couple I've been pretty useless!

As for blogging the only change I'm really looking to do this year, is actually do some, My review writing last year was so down on what I'd like it to be. Which is why I'm concentrating on reading review copies at this month, hoping that will kickstart things again for a while at least!

Nise' 1/2/15, 6:11 PM  

No major plans for me either. I have to catch up on the Raven Cycle series and since Will narrates, I will finish via audio! Happy New Year.

Literary Feline 1/2/15, 7:26 PM  

I love your blog and enjoyed spending another year with you. Here's to another year of great books. Happy New Year.

Katherine P 1/3/15, 10:25 AM  

Looks like you had a great year! I love the Weekend Cooking and am glad to see that's going to stay around. My main change is I'm trying to stay more organized with my time so I'm not scrambling to write reviews at the last minute!

Aarti 1/3/15, 3:11 PM  

73 audiobooks! I'm so excited to see that - I'll have to keep tabs on which ones you really enjoy so that I can read those, too.

Anonymous,  1/3/15, 5:20 PM  

What a great recap - like you, I love writing book reviews, but finding new and exciting ways to talk about them on my blog. BEST OF LUCK

Tif Sweeney 1/11/15, 2:32 PM  

Looking forward to another year of Beth Fish Reads! I dove into Wordless Wednesday that latter half of 2014 and am really looking forward to more in 2015. I always love looking at your pictures in particular!!

Shaina 1/18/15, 11:46 AM  

I saw so many posts about the big changes people were planning for their blogs, and it's nice to see that someone wants to keep things mostly the same. :)

Happy new year (18 days late)!

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