02 March 2015

Review: Super Team (Fables 16) by Bill Willingham

Super Team: Fables 16 by Bill WillinghamIf you're into comics then you probably already know that the long-running Fables series is coming to end this summer. There is a collected volume coming out sometime this spring and then the last one will be published in June (I think).

I'm determined to be caught up with the series before the last volume hits the bookstores, so you can expect several Fables reviews in the coming weeks.

As always with long series, there is no way not to spoil the earlier plot lines, but I won't give away anything in this volume: Fables: Super Team, Volume 16.

Short take: Oh how I loved this installment. Super Team reminded me of just how funny Willingham can be.

The main story line of volume 16 is Pinocchio's hair-brained scheme to hand-select a group of Fables characters and redefine them as superheros (to be known as the F-Men, although women are included). He's even come up with caped costumes and a series of identifying symbols. In the scan at the right (from near the beginning of the book), Ozma has just tried on her costume for the first time, and Pinocchio is telling her how the superhero universe works.

Of course, the ultimate plan for Pinocchio and all the Fables characters is to find a way to defeat Mr. Dark once and for all. Some of the action in this book takes us to Dark's new headquarters in Darkland, where he's developed an interesting relationship with Mrs. Sprat. Meanwhile, sideline stories focus on Beauty and the Beast; Bufkin and the Magic Mirror; and Snow, Bigby, and their family.

Super Team has everything you want out of a Fables issue: jokes, action, plot twists, and a satisfying end with a hint of what we can expect in the next volume. An added bonus is that the bulk of the book was drawn by (or at least under the direction of) Mark Buckingham. He may be my favorite of the various Fables artists because I so easily relate to his interpretations of the characters.

Super Team ends with a short story titled "Waking Beauty," which is illustrated by Terry Moore. The artistic style of the story is a departure from the main book, but is very appealing. Some of the panels (like the one shown at the left) have incredible details. Willingham didn't forget the humor here either -- check out the sign with instructions for the princes who hope to rouse Beauty from her sleep.

Before moving on to volume 17, I'll be taking a detour by reading Werewolves in the Heartland, which is a Bigby-centric story. I thank Kelly from The Written World for writing what I consider the definitive guide to reading the Fables books and the spin-offs. Check out her "So You Want to Read Fables" post.

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(Diane) bookchickdi 3/2/15, 7:37 AM  

I'm so impressed with your wide range of reading- comics, cookbooks, fiction, YA- you read it all.

Kay 3/2/15, 10:24 AM  

I really want to read these books. But, that being said, I think I'll wait now until the last one is published. Might as well.

Kailana 3/2/15, 5:57 PM  

I will likely cry when Fables ends. *sniff*

Belle Wong 3/2/15, 10:39 PM  

I am only on Fables 3 so I've got a loooong way to go!

Daryl 3/6/15, 10:01 AM  

your reviews always make me wish i enjoyed these books ..

Tif Sweeney 3/9/15, 12:52 AM  

This was definitely a fun volume! I need to get caught up, so I can be there when the series ends. That is going to be a sad day though.

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