04 April 2015

Weekend Cooking: Le Chef (movie)

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Le Chef (film)When I'm swamped with work, one of my stress-reducers is to watch a light movie. It's even better if the movie calls to my foodie side.

The French film Le Chef, directed by Daniel Cohen, was the perfect remedy for this spring's crazy editing schedule.

Young Jacky Bonnet (Michaƫl Youn) dreams of being a cutting-edge chef but can't hold down a job in a restaurant. He has definite ideas and isn't afraid to make radical changes. The problem is that his bosses don't appreciate Jacky's unsolicited advice.

Meanwhile world-renown chef Alexandre Lagarde (Jean Reno) is worried about losing his job despite running a three-star restaurant. His backer wants him to move away from classic cuisine and instead embrace the high-tech foods of the twenty-first century.

When Alexandre and Jacky meet, neither of them will ever be the same again.

Le Chef is an entertaining, feel-good movie with lots of amazing food scenes. This movie is less about the restaurant business and more a story of unlikely buddies with little romance to boot. The acting is great and the humor is well paced. Yes, you'll likely be able to guess the ending, but who really cares when you're having this much fun and seeing so many incredible-looking meals.

Put Le Chef on your streaming list and be prepared to feel some kitchen inspiration. Bon Appetit.


rhapsodyinbooks 4/4/15, 6:48 AM  

Sounds like a fun movie. So nice that there are still movies without vast amounts of violence!

Tina 4/4/15, 7:28 AM  

Sometimes you just need to chill out with a light movie. I like a foodie movie but have not seen this one. Chef is a good foodie movie, a guy with a food truck. I think you have reviewed it before but I am on my temperamental tablet and dare not look at your reviews while I am typing a comment!

Sarah's Book Shelves 4/4/15, 8:05 AM  

Ha - a foodie "buddy" movie. I like the sound of that.

jama 4/4/15, 8:26 AM  

Looks like a great light and entertaining treat. Merci for the heads up!

bermudaonion 4/4/15, 9:06 AM  

Carl would probably like this but I struggle with movies with subtitles.

Katherine P 4/4/15, 9:20 AM  

This sounds fun! I love foodie movies and haven't come across this yet. I'll have to look for it.

Kay 4/4/15, 11:37 AM  

That looks really funny and that food! Well, some looks good and some looks kind of sci-fi-ish - LOL. I'll keep it in mind. :-)

Roberta Gibson 4/4/15, 12:31 PM  

Have to agree that a good distracting movie helps when you are stressed. This one sounds like just the right "recipe" for an entertaining evening. Thank you for sharing it.

Belle Wong 4/5/15, 1:29 AM  

This looks like a really good foodie movie.

Emma Litttlefield 4/5/15, 3:43 AM  

I heard someone else saying this was a good, fun, movie recently but of course can't remember where. Two good reviews mean definitely one I'll look out for.

Laurie C 4/5/15, 10:14 AM  

I finally watched The 100-Foot Journey which I think was a Weekend Cooking recommendation, so I'll add this one to the movie TBW list!

Melissa (Avid Reader) 4/6/15, 9:15 AM  

This one sounds wonderful! I just watched The Hundred-Foot Journey and it was a great foodie movie.

Daryl 4/6/15, 10:56 AM  

another terrific gift idea .. thanks .. and this weekend all i did it seems was eat ...linked up!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity 4/6/15, 12:04 PM  

Looks like fun! I'll have the TV to myself this week so maybe I'll add this to the queue. Love Jean Reno.

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