18 April 2015

Weekend Cooking: The Tucci Table by Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt

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The Tucci Table by Stanley Tucci and Felicity BluntI don't know about you, but my usual reaction to a celebrity cookbook is to run the other way. I want to tell the actor, newscaster, author, athlete to just stick with what she knows best and leave the cooking to the experts.

Stanley Tucci, however, is one of the exceptions. He has a true passion and talent for cooking. I loved his television wine show, Vine Talk, and his first cookbook, The Tucci Cookbook, received rave reviews. Plus, he played Julia Child's husband, Paul, in the movie Julie and Julia. Who could resist?

When I received an eGalley of The Tucci Table last fall, I couldn't wait to dig in, and over the winter, I cooked many dishes from this book. The Tucci Table is one of those sources I've been turning to often because the dishes are not at all difficult to put together and are so well suited to everyday life.

From Tucci Table by Stanely TucciThe recipes in Stanley Tucci's new cookbook--written with his wife, Felicity Blunt--are more than just family friendly. They are, in fact, the recipes the Tuccis actually make for their family and friends. I love knowing that a cookbook is a compilation of honest-to-God tried and true recipes.

The flavors are universal, and the ingredients are familiar and easy to obtain. The suggested equipment and pantry items are so basic that I bet you already have them all. Thus the recipes are grounded and appealing. Nothing is Hollywood fancy, although I wouldn't hesitate to serve any of the dishes to guests.

You'll find recipes as simple as celery salad and as complicated as, um, well, nothing is really complicated (except I rarely make my own noodles). I love the soup recipes (the tomato soup is awesome), the snacks (easy sausage rolls, anyone?), and especially the pasta dishes. The steak with herbs, pork chops with mustard, and chicken wings are all fabulous--perfect for winter by the fire or in summer on the deck.

From Tucci Table by Stanely TucciMost of the recipes are accompanied by absolutely gorgeous photos, and each one is introduced with a personal story. The tips are from the Tucci family and reflect real-life kitchen experience (such as Tucci's method for washing leeks), which means they are truly useful.

After cooking from Stanely Tucci's The Tucci Table, I can wholeheartedly recommend this cookbook. Experienced cooks will find new favorite go-to recipes, many perfect for weekday dinners. Younger cooks will be able wow their friends and family with a whole new set of easy, fresh, and delicious meals. Buy or borrow without hesitation.

If you like Ina Garten's cookbooks, you'll like Stanley Tucci's. I'm also recommending The Tucci Table as an awesome gift for recent college graduates or for those settling into their first house or apartment.

Note on the photos and lack of recipe: The photos were scanned from the The Tucci Table and used here in the context of a review. All rights remain with the original copyright holder. Because I have a galley of the book, I'm hesitant to share a recipe, although I've had 100 percent success. For a video see the Simon & Schuster website and for a pasta recipe, check out the ABC website.

Published by Simon & Schuster / Gallery Books, 2014
ISBN-13: 9781476738567
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Kay 4/18/15, 6:52 AM  

I love Stanley Tucci! Did not know that he had written a cookbook, but it sounds very appealing. So how do you wash leeks with the Stanley method? LOL

rhapsodyinbooks 4/18/15, 7:31 AM  

I've seen this and also thought it looked very good!

jama 4/18/15, 7:33 AM  

Now I'd like to check out both his cookbooks!

Sarah (Sarah's Book Shelves) 4/18/15, 7:39 AM  

I didn't realize Stanley Tucci was such a cook! And I like the whole sound of this cookbook - simple, everyday, etc. And, I love Ina Garten's books - they're probably the cookbooks I use most on an everyday basis.

Tina 4/18/15, 7:49 AM  

I have browsed through this cookbook when I was at the bookstore and it is indeed a keeper. I am hoping to get. a copy through the blogging for books program but, if not, it's on the wish list.

He really knows what he's doing in the kitchen. Nice recipes.

Laurie C 4/18/15, 8:42 AM  

I'm earlier with my Weekend Cooking post than usual! (I know you don't have to post on the weekend, but somehow I only do.) The first time we used leeks we didn't realize how thoroughly they needed to be washed, and ugh! This cookbook sounds like a fun one to use, although I'm with you on the usual celebrity cookbook, too!

bermudaonion 4/18/15, 8:57 AM  

I love cookbooks that are filled with recipes real people can fix and will eat. This sounds terrific!

(Diane) bookchickdi 4/18/15, 9:21 AM  

I have this galley too, I'm opening it up right now.

Beth S. 4/18/15, 9:54 AM  

I will definitely be seeking out a copy of this. I really enjoyed his first cookbook and your descriptions of the recipes make them sound like just the kind of thing I need for weeknight meals.

Katherine P 4/18/15, 10:10 AM  

I'm not sure I've tried any of Tucci's recipes but I have no idea why! This sounds like a great book and now I want sausage rolls!

Sharon Galligar Chance 4/18/15, 2:00 PM  

Don't drop over from shock - yes, it's me, Sharon of Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews! I thought I'd pop in with a contribution for the weekend! :) Love the Stanley Tucci cookbook review!

Tina 4/18/15, 2:57 PM  

I'm back. I posted a response earlier but had not linked up yet.

Claudia 4/18/15, 3:12 PM  

I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of Mr. Tucci, however your review makes me want to correct that deficiency. My kind of cooking!

Nan 4/18/15, 4:02 PM  

I'm a big fan, but can't stand the most recent, Fortitude! I wonder how heavy on the meat this cookbook is.

Heather 4/18/15, 5:29 PM  

I feel like this is weird, but I think he's hot. I can't help it. The fact that he can cook only makes him hotter. lol

Carole 4/18/15, 6:45 PM  

thanks for being such a great hostess of this long running fun party. Cheers from Carole's chatter

Molly 4/18/15, 8:30 PM  

I adore Stanley Tucci and I am married to an Italian. this is an obvious must-read for me!

Marlissa 4/19/15, 12:15 AM  

I've always enjoyed Stanly Tucci's work as an actor (soo creepy in "The Lovely Bones"), but I had no idea that he cooked -- or that he was married to Felicity Blunt. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one!

Louise 4/19/15, 9:36 AM  

I'm really terrible at recognising actors, and I had to google Stanley just then... The book does sound good though. BTW I was thrilled that you remembered my previous Forage posts!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity 4/19/15, 11:45 AM  

So glad to see that my library has a copy of this one! Put it on my cookbook list to go check it out. And I have to say that I'm quite impressed with your scanner. LOL! I can't seem to get nice straight quality pictures with mine. ;)

Emma Litttlefield 4/19/15, 11:48 AM  

This kinds like a really good cookbook. I love simple! Emma

Belle Wong 4/19/15, 10:55 PM  

This sounds like a lovely cookbook. I'm with you on making your own noodles. Ward likes to do it but while the noodles do taste great, often I'm not sure if the great taste compensates for the mess. There's usually flour all over the place afterwards!

shelleyrae @ book'd out 4/20/15, 8:08 AM  

I'm not familiar with Tucci but I like simple, family friendly recipes. :)

Sue Jackson 4/20/15, 10:59 AM  

I've been hearing SO much about this cookbook! Great to read that it is so simple and really useful. Sounds like a winner!


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