10 November 2015

Today's Read: Soundless by Richelle Mead

Soundless by Richelle MeadWhat if everyone in your village was deaf? Imagine that it has been that way for generations, and your people communicate only through sign language. Now suppose that the villagers are also losing their sight. How will they survive? But what if you woke up one day and your senses were assaulted by something you did not immediately understand? That's what happened to Fei the day she began to hear.

My sister is in trouble, and I have only minutes to help her.

She doesn't see it. She's having difficulty seeing lots of things lately, and that's the problem.
Soundless by Richelle Mead (Penguin Random House / Razorbill, 2015, p. 1)

Quick Facts
  • Setting: in the past, China
  • Circumstances: Fei and her younger sister, Zhang-Jing, are orphaned, working as artists for their village. Their village is on the top of a mountain, isolated from the rest of the district because decades of avalanches have made descent virtually impossible. The village survives through mining, sending the ore down a zipline in return for food. The amount of food they receive depends on the productivity of the miners. The people are poor and close to starving, and now many of the congenitally deaf are also going blind. When Fei's hearing returns, she tells no one but her childhood friend, Li Wei, a young man who works in the mines. Together they decide to risk climbing down the mountain to ask for help from the city below.
  • Characters: Fei, about 19, an artist; Zhang-Jing, her younger sister; Li Wei, her older childhood friend and love interest; various townsfolk and people from the city
  • Genre and audience: folklore retelling, young adult, adventure, some fantasy elements
  • Themes: sisters, class differences, politics, love, justice
  • What I think so far: This short novel got off to a slow start, and I almost put it aside. But I was too lazy to load another audiobook on my phone, so I kept listening. Once the adventure began, I became curious about what Fei and Zhang-Jing would find in the city. The story is mildly entertaining, and I'm hoping for a good ending.
  • Some more thoughts: I haven't read Mead's Vampire Diary series, but I liked her Age of X series, which meant I had high hopes for this standalone novel. I like folklore / fairy tale retellings, which is another plus. Unfortunately, despite the names of the characters and some references to silk and porcelain, I haven't gotten much of a sense of China or of the tale on which the story is based.
  • Audiobook: The unabridged audiobook (Listening Library; 8 hr, 18 min) is read by Kim Mai Guest, who does an okay job. Her pronunciations of the Chinese words sound authentic to me, but I have no real way of judging. Although I am not bowled over by her performance, Guest is expressive and has a good sense of pacing.
  • Recommendation: I haven't finished the book yet, but I can't recommend this one wholeheartedly. Soundless would have benefited from deeper world building and more complex characters. It also might have helped if I knew the Chinese tale that inspired the book.


Proxyfish @ Books by Proxy 11/10/15, 6:55 AM  

I haven't read anything by Mead yet but this seems intriguing!

My Teaser

Cleopatra Loves Books 11/10/15, 6:55 AM  

This is a really interesting premise for a novel, and one that I am intrigued to know more about.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea 11/10/15, 7:21 AM  

The intro leaves me curious, so I'd keep reading.

Kym 11/10/15, 9:04 AM  

Definitely an intriguing premise for a novel - I think I'd keep reading.

Here's mine - and I'm not so sure about it. http://justasecondblog.blogspot.com/2015/11/teaser-tuesdaysfirst-chapter-first.html

bermudaonion 11/10/15, 9:40 AM  

I bet my sister would like this book a lot!

(Diane) bookchickdi 11/10/15, 10:24 AM  

It sounds like an interesting premise for a book.

Anonymous,  11/10/15, 11:09 AM  

An intriguing read, nice teaser.


Laurel-Rain Snow 11/10/15, 11:30 AM  

I have been noticing this one everywhere...it sounds fascinating, but probably not for me. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

Suzie Quint 11/10/15, 11:31 AM  

I don't think this is for me. Hope you enjoy it though.

Literary Feline 11/10/15, 12:34 PM  

I hope it continues to get better for you, despite the slow start. I am still on the fence about this one. The premise sounds interesting.

Margot 11/10/15, 1:43 PM  

I like the idea of the story. There could be so many possible ways the story could go. I'd like to give it a try.

Catherine @ Book Club Librarian 11/10/15, 2:26 PM  

An interesting premise...hope it delivers a satisfying read.

Emma Litttlefield 11/10/15, 4:02 PM  

Ooh I really like the sound of this. It isn't my normal type of book but I am intrigued.

Anonymous,  11/10/15, 6:08 PM  

What an intriguing premise! I'm going to look into this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Here's my link: http://wp.me/p4DMf0-115

Nise' 11/10/15, 8:47 PM  

I think the cover is gorgeous and am intrigued by the plot.

Yvonne 11/10/15, 8:52 PM  

This sounds really interesting.

Nikki (www.bookpunks.com) 11/11/15, 4:41 AM  

I'm def intrigued by the concept!

My First Chapter post is here if you're interested: http://www.bookpunks.com/so-it-begins-timebomb-by-scott-k-andrews/

Eustacia Tan 11/11/15, 8:08 AM  

The concept is cool, and I love reading books about Ancient China, but I wonder at the pronunciation :p I'm picky that way.

Daryl 11/11/15, 9:32 AM  

interesting premise but i think i will pass on this one .. thanks anyway

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