08 February 2016

Stacked-Up Book Thoughts: Must-Read Books on My eReader

Recommended reading, winter 2016 from BethFishReads.comNew books! Who doesn't like to share the excitement? Whether I buy, borrow, or receive books for review, I love to tweet about the ones that are high on my want-to-read list.

The other day I realized that, although I'm good about spreading the love for the print books in my house, I fail to talk about my new eBooks. I regularly add eBooks to my collection, buying some, borrowing others from the library, and accepting others for review consideration. What's worse, though, is when it comes time to pick my next book to read, I often forget to check my eReader.

Cue brainstorm: Go public with my most-anticipated eBooks. Share, make a list, and get help prioritizing. If I pare down my choices, I might actually work my way through my eBooks. A woman can dream, right?

So, without further ado, here are a dozen eBooks (in alphabetical order) I'm looking forward to reading. All were/will be published in January and February 2016.

Amelia Earhart by W. C. Jameson (Taylor Trade Publishing): I've always been fascinated with Earhart's story and, of course, about what may have happened to her when her plane disappeared. This is a well-researched biography. • The Children's Home by Charles Lambert (Scribner): This novel is a kind of fantasy with fairy tale elements. The comparisons to some of my favorite authors caught my attention. • Dinning with the Famous and Infamous by Fiona Ross (Rowman & Littlefield): This looks fun and informative: a look at the eating habits of well-known authors, musicians, artists, actors, and more. Perfect for Weekend Cooking. • The Ex by Alafair Burke (Harper): This standalone legal thriller is high on my list. Burke is one of my go-to authors when I want well-written and gripping crime fiction.

Forked by Saru Jayaraman (Oxford University Press): Another title for Weekend Cooking. The unvarnished truth of what it's like to work in the restaurant business. Spoiler: Not all establishments respect their employees. • Good People by Robert Lopez (Bellevue Literary Press): I'm trying to incorporate more short stories into my rotation, and this collection has gotten a lot of buzz for its striking language. Looking forward to seeing for myself. • Lizzie and the Lost Baby by Cheryl Blackford (Harcourt Brace): Set in Yorkshire during WWII, this is a story of friendship, trust, and overcoming prejudices. The protagonists are young. • Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt (Houghton Mifflin): I don't know much about this novel, except it's a Gothic tale about two women and takes place in two time periods. I'm definitely curious.

Platinum Doll by Anne Girard (Mira): This is irresistible historical fiction about Hollywood in the 1920s. It focuses on the story of Jean Harlow's rise to stardom, her sacrifices and ambition. • Sara Lost and Found by Virginia Castleman (Aladdin): A novel based on true events. Two young sisters are suddenly orphaned and put into the family services system. It's a story of family, survival, and courage. • A Thousand Naked Strangers by Kevin Hazzard (Scribner): A memoir from a man who spent ten years as a paramedic / emergency responder in the city of Atlanta. He talks about how his life was changed by his work and the people he helped. • Under the Influence by Joyce Maynard (William Morrow): A tale of friendship, love, and emotional surrender by one of my favorite authors. This novel looks like a winner.

Have you read any of these? Which one would you read first?


JoAnn 2/8/16, 7:53 AM  

No wonder you can't decide where to turn first! So many great books.

Majanka Verstraete 2/8/16, 8:26 AM  

I requested The Children's Home on Netgalley to read, and look forward to it.

Majanka @ I Heart Reading.

bermudaonion 2/8/16, 9:16 AM  

I'm the same way - I totally forget about all the ebooks I have so they go unread. I loved Under the Influence.

rhapsodyinbooks 2/8/16, 9:21 AM  

As a young girl I was obssessed with Amelia Earhart. Sounds like a good book for me!

Vicki 2/8/16, 9:50 AM  

So many good books to choose from! I always have a hard time deciding what book to read from my Kindle.

rhonda 2/8/16, 10:10 AM  

Love this blog more books some I have some new to me.The author of Forked wrote an excellent first book about workers in the food industry .My husband read them really enjoyed it.I'm reading the Israeli short stories I told you about really excellent.

Nise' 2/8/16, 7:12 PM  

I haven't read any of these, but have read good things for The Ex. Joyce Maynard always delivers a good read.

Sue Jackson 2/8/16, 7:29 PM  

I am the same way! I rarely read on my Kindle, actually, so I always forget about all the interesting e-books waiting for me there. I've decided that this year, those e-books sitting on my Kindle count as TBRs, too - maybe some extra motivation to get to them!

Looks like you have some really interesting ebooks waiting to be read - enjoy!


Book By Book

Malcolm Avenue Review 2/8/16, 7:58 PM  

A Thousand Naked Strangers was great. I am almost done with The Children's Home as I start Mr. Splitfoot. Think I will die of the weird before I can finish? :)

Hillary 2/9/16, 4:46 AM  

I have heard enough good things about Mr Splitfoot that I requested it from the library.

Bryan G. Robinson 2/9/16, 10:31 AM  

I'd probably read the Alafair Burke first, although I've never read anything by her (and know that I should). Any recommendations on where I should start if I do decide to read her?

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity 2/9/16, 12:06 PM  

I was wondering the other day how you decide which books to write about on your blog--I'm guessing you don't talk about everything that you've read?

I generally forget about ebooks as well, but I made a spreadsheet with all the titles and this helps me remember (especially as I have some Nook books but no Nook anymore!). It also helps that ereading is easier for me these days when I usually only have one hand available or want to read in the wee hours. I tend to have a book queued up both on my ereader and on my phone.

Lisa 2/13/16, 2:17 PM  

I was disappointed in the Amelia Earhart book; it didn't feel, to me, like he offered anything new to the story. But I am looking forward to picking up Mr. Splitfoot.

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