08 March 2016

Today's Read: Small Mercies by Eddie Joyce

Featuring Small Mercies by Eddie JoyceWhat if one of your family members was a first responder who lost his life when the World Trade Center collapsed? Now imagine it's a decade later and your family is gathering to celebrate his son's birthday. What memories, unfinished business, and anger would you still be carrying, even as you still harbor your love? And would your issues be the same as everyone else's?

Gail wakes with a pierced heart, same as every day. Her mouth is dry. She reaches for the glass of water on her nightstand, but it has warmed in the night. Next to her, Michael gently snores away last night's fun.
Small Mercies by Eddie Joyce (Penguin Paperback, 2016, p. 1)

Quick Facts
  • Setting: Staten Island, 2011
  • Circumstances: As they get ready to celebrate his birthday, Bobby Jr. and his family remember his father--a firefighter who was killed in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. But the story is less about 9/11 than it is about a family whose inside drama is dusted with tragedy. 
  • Genre: contemporary fiction; family drama
  • Themes: family, grief, fathers and sons, moving forward, making sense of the past, modern American life
  • Characters: primarily the Amendalas, an Irish-Italian family; Gail, the mother; Michael, the father; Tina, the widow; Bobby Jr., the son; Peter, the lawyer brother; Franky, the alcoholic brother
  • Reviews: Although no one implies that this is a flawless novel, almost all reviewers mention the believable characters and the truthful take on 21st-century America. They also mention that Small Mercies is not really about 9/11, instead it's about a family and how it has fared after the attacks. 
  • Something to know: this is a paperback back release; the book was originally published in 2015


sherry fundin 3/8/16, 6:17 AM  

I can't imagine how hard it would be to pick up the pieces and go on and to get past all the constant reminders.
sherry @ fundinmental

rhapsodyinbooks 3/8/16, 6:29 AM  

Sounds like an excellent premise, as 9/11 remains so significant in everyone's memories.

(Diane) bookchickdi 3/8/16, 6:52 AM  

I love a good family drama, and this one sounds perfect for me.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea 3/8/16, 6:56 AM  

Touch situation to imagine but, I bet this will be a good one. I'd read more.

Majanka Verstraete 3/8/16, 8:07 AM  

I like the premise of this one, and the teaser is quite powerful.

My TT post.

JoAnn 3/8/16, 8:18 AM  

Sounds wonderful, but sad. I love a good family drama.

Unknown 3/8/16, 8:57 AM  

The premise of the book is definitely captivating. Thank you for sharing!

Here's my teaser this week on Let's Take A Shelfie.

Catherine @ Book Club Librarian 3/8/16, 9:23 AM  

I read this one last year. Having lived through 9/11, it brought back lots of memories for me.

bermudaonion 3/8/16, 9:28 AM  

This sounds heartbreaking.

Kathy Martin 3/8/16, 9:35 AM  

Sounds intriguing. My teaser this week comes from the first book in a series I have been meaning to begin for years - When Gods Die by C. S. Harris. Happy reading!

Laurel-Rain Snow 3/8/16, 9:40 AM  

Oh, yes, I love this kind of story, and I haven't read or heard of one like it. Thanks for sharing and enjoy! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Book of Secrets 3/8/16, 9:59 AM  

Sounds like an emotional family drama for sure. I'd keep reading.

Daryl 3/8/16, 10:13 AM  

losing a loved one is hard, everyone works through it differently but i cannot imagine adding to that loss having it tied to such a horrific event/tragedy as Sept 11 ... i am not sure this book is my cuppa but i thank you nonetheless

Monica's Bookish Life 3/8/16, 10:32 AM  

The blurb and the opening make me want to read more.

Alice Audrey 3/8/16, 1:14 PM  

It doesn't sound like she's moved on at all.

Mine is here: http://www.aliceaudrey.com/?p=13300

Literary Feline 3/8/16, 1:21 PM  

This sounds like one I would really like. It took me a long time to read books about, surrounding or even just touching on 9/11 and the aftermath in some way. I look forward to reading this one at some point.

Kristin 3/8/16, 1:55 PM  

This book sounds interesting! :)

Here's my teaser from Lee Kelly's A CRIMINAL MAGIC:

Maria Behar 3/8/16, 2:12 PM  

This would be a very difficult read for me, to be honest. I lost a loved one just this past year, and am going through the grieving process. This book does sound interesting, just not for me at this point in time. I do hope you like it, though!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my own Tuesday Intros post!! :)

Anonymous,  3/8/16, 2:25 PM  

What a striking premise! And heartrending... This is my TT - a new venture for an established author - https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2016/03/08/teaser-tuesday-8th-march-2016/

Cleopatra Loves Books 3/8/16, 3:29 PM  

Ooh that is one tough premise which gives the author plenty of scope - I'd like to know some more!

Margot 3/8/16, 4:16 PM  

The blurb makes it seem so sad although the first paragraph made me want to read more.

Kay 3/8/16, 4:17 PM  

Oh yes, I'd keep reading. I think it's amazing that this year will be 15 years since that time. Can't we all remember right where we were? I know that I can.

Kailana 3/8/16, 5:53 PM  

It is definitely an experience I can't even imagine what it would be like after the fact...

Unknown 3/9/16, 3:12 PM  

Sounds like a good book. Thanks for sharing

Share my Garden 3/10/16, 6:06 AM  

This sounds an excellent, thought-provoking book. Yes, I would read on.
Miss Cellany.

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