30 May 2016

6 Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List (BEA)

6 Books to Add to Your Summer 2016 Reading ListDid you think I had moved past BookExpo America? I hope not because, although I've gushed about the Audies, shared my love of totes, and told you about new books in food and cooking, I still have more books to talk about.

Today is all about my summer reading list. Later this week, I'll share a few fall books I'm excited about. Even though I received some 2017(!) galleys, I think I'll wait before discussing those books.

Beach Reading

6 Books to Add to Your Summer 2016 Reading List • Invincible Summer by Alice Adams: Four college friends face the new century with college degrees and all the hopes and dreams of the life to come. After the optimism of their twenties has been tempered by the realities of their thirties, the friends reunite in an effort to capture the heady days of their more naive youth. Set in Europe. "Okay, here's one. If you could know the answer to any question, what would it be?" (Little, Brown / June) • Here's to Us by Elin Hilderbrand: One dead celebrity chef + three widows + one small Nantucket cottage = one weekend of drama. Can the ex-wives guard their secrets and remain civil long enough to honor and mourn the man they all once loved? Classic Hilderbrand. "Deacon Thorpe is thirteen years old and still more a boy that a man when his father, Jack, tells Deacon they're taking a day trip out of the city, just the two of them." (Little, Brown / June)

Suspense and Mystery

6 Books to Add to Your Summer 2016 Reading List• The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware: This psychological thriller is set on a small cruise ship headed for the North Sea. Lo Blacklock, on board to write about the trip for a magazine, is enjoying the cushy assignment until one night she sees a woman being tossed overboard. But in the morning, no one is missing. What really happened? "In my dream, the girl was drifting far, far below the crashing waves and the cries of the gulls in the cold, sunless depths of the North Sea." (Gallery / July) • Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris: Jack and Grace have it all: plenty of money, good looks, and a solid place at high society's table. Their mutual devotion is something to be envied and admired . . . or is it? How come Grace is never seen out on her own? Why doesn't she ever say yes to lunch with the girls? Gripping suspense. "The champagne bottle knocks against the marble kitchen counter, making me jump." (St. Martin's Press / August)

Memoir: Country and Town

6 Books to Add to Your Summer 2016 Reading List• Raising Wild by Michael P. Branch: Life in the Nevada Great Basin Desert is not for everyone: poisonous animals and harsh weather are only two of the challenges. In this collection of essays, however, Branch lets us see the natural beauty of his home and how an intimate connection with the environment can strengthen ourselves, our families, and our friendships. Thoughtful reading. "It is true that on the day Eryn and I decided to have a kid we had been drinking quite a lot of gin." (Roost Books / August) • I'm Your Biggest Fan by Kate Coyne: On her journey from a young reporter for Page Six all the way up to executive editor of People magazine, Coyne has interviewed many of the major stars and celebrities. Not all of those encounters were pleasant, and some were down-right awkward, but few people have seen the rich and famous at their most authentic moments. Respectful, funny, and revealing. "Let's cut to the chase: Tom Cruise is insanely charismatic, so much so that you do feel as though you could maybe, kind of, possibly, convert to Scientology for him." (Hachette / June)


rhapsodyinbooks 5/30/16, 7:13 AM  

I didn't see any of those, LOL

Heather 5/30/16, 8:58 AM  

Raising Wild sounds very interesting and so does I'm Your Biggest Fan. I'm adding them to my list.

(Diane) bookchickdi 5/30/16, 9:04 AM  

Oh no- my TBR list just expanded by six.

Karen White 5/30/16, 9:48 AM  

I added the first two to mine. Elin Hildebrand's books are a guilty pleasure for me - but even funnier is my dad's devotion to them. So uncharacteristic of a man who used to read only medical journals...

Vicki 5/30/16, 10:28 AM  

My tbr list just got longer.

rhonda 5/30/16, 11:05 AM  

Great looking st .Have a few on my tbr pile.Have recently read Behind Closed Doors chilling.Love theses lists,

Katherine P 5/30/16, 11:30 AM  

I'm so jealous of The Woman in Cabin 10! I loved In a Dark Dark Wood and can't wait to read this one. Behind Closed Doors looks really good too. You picked up some seriously fantastic looking books!

Sarah's Book Shelves 5/30/16, 12:13 PM  

These are all different from the books I had on my summer list - Behind Closed Doors sounds promising! I might check that one out!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) 5/30/16, 6:33 PM  

I'm your biggest fan sounds like it could be really fun. I love books like that.

Nise' 5/30/16, 8:05 PM  

I've had Elin's book on my TBR list and like the sound of the other three.

Kailana 5/30/16, 8:45 PM  

I am sure the inevitable posts will lead to some of these on my shelves... lol

Amanda 5/30/16, 9:32 PM  

I'm really looking forward to the Woman in Cabin 10!

Daryl 5/31/16, 9:19 AM  

some of these sound good .. thanks ... and thanks for the Maestra .. it was quite good and i look forward to more

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