13 June 2016

Stacked-Up Book Thoughts: Confessions and Goals

Confession: I used to write my reviews and thoughts almost immediately after I finished each book. In that way my blog was always up to date with my reading life. Today I was looking through my book list and realized my blog is now very much behind.

In fact, I've finished quite a number of books I haven't written about here, and I'm not sure my review/feature list is accurate any more. Yikes! What's the deal with that? Two things: AudioFile magazine and Litsy.

You probably don't know this, but normally when I finish listening to a book for AudioFile, I write two separate reviews: one for the magazine and one for my blog. Lately, I haven't been motivated to write up the second review for this space.

Now enter Litsy, where I've been posting short reviews and/or in-progress thoughts for every book and audiobook I've read. Once I've recorded a few sentences on the app, I find I'm not all that interested in putting together a detailed post for Beth Fish Reads. Clearly I've lost my long-post mojo.

What does this mean? The good news is that even if I'm having trouble writing long reviews, I still want to write about and talk about books. So what's a blogger to do? For now, look for short reviews (like the Sound Recommendations I posted last week), imprint previews, peeks at my reading list, and round-ups of books on a variety of topics. I think this more casual approach is calling to me, at least for now.

Current status: My three weekly core posts are Today's Read (Tuesdays), Wordless Wednesday, and Weekend Cooking (Saturday), and you won't see any changes there. My goal is to write at least one additional book post a week (reviews, round-ups) plus--when I have a topic--a Stacked-Up Book Thoughts or maybe something fun (like my Totes of BEA post from a couple of weeks ago).

Long-term goals: Let's call my current mood a summer vacation, a regrouping, a time to chill. I'm not at all ready to say good-bye to Beth Fish Reads or to turn my back on book reviewing. I do, however, welcome the mini break. Stay tuned for shorter reviews and other bookish posts on Beth Fish Reads and be sure to read my reviews in AudioFile and catch my book thoughts on Litsy and on Twitter (@BethFishReads).


JoAnn 6/13/16, 7:16 AM  

I'm much more interested in writing very short reviews these days, too, and Litsy seems perfect for that. Here's to summer vacation!

Kailana 6/13/16, 7:39 AM  

I really wish Litsy worked for Android. I feel like I am missing out on a whole world because the only Apple Device I have is too old to install it. :(

As someone that basically does a weekly post to say, I read these things... And much else... I definitely know how blogging evolves and changes. :)

rhapsodyinbooks 6/13/16, 7:53 AM  

I am very much less interested in writing reviews these days!

Sarah (Sarah's Book Shelves) 6/13/16, 7:57 AM  

I feel ya! I've had difficulty writing full reviews all year long. The number of mini reviews on my blog has skyrocketed. Good for you for finding the space and format that works best for you to talk about books. And, I think I need to check out Litsy, though I'm apprehensive of yet another social media network.

Daryl 6/13/16, 8:55 AM  

i hear ya ... giving up my second blog and using those photos in place of a blather post, not feeling the urgency to post on Sunday night for Monday reading .. its a much nicer blogging experience for me and honestly if people stop visiting ... so be it ...

bermudaonion 6/13/16, 9:38 AM  

Good for you! I used to be on top of reviews but am woefully behind as well. The longer a book sits there, the harder it is to write about for me. I need to figure out a more relaxed schedule too.

Karen White 6/13/16, 9:54 AM  

I'm with Sarah, not sure if I can handle another Social Media site. But after Shelf Awareness wrote about it today I checked it out and you are on their Website! If you watch the images that flash through on the phone on their main page, one of them is a shot of a post from you.
Do they feature audiobooks at all do you know?
And to Kailana, they say an Android version is coming out this summer sometime...

Katherine P 6/13/16, 11:17 AM  

Litsy has me curious but I'm so bad about using Instagram and Twitter I'm worried I'll end up with another account I won't use. I can imagine writing up the 2 separate reviews would get old after awhile. There's only so many ways to say things! I love the idea of shorter reviews and non-review bookish posts.

Literate Housewife 6/13/16, 11:54 AM  

I did really good for about six weeks and, after a hectic holiday week, blogging is once again the last thing I think about. I'm on Litsy all the time, though. That way i haven't missed a thing you've posted. 😊

Nise' 6/13/16, 2:32 PM  

I've always posted short thoughts on the books I've read, it has made it easier and less pressure on me!

Sue Jackson 6/13/16, 7:24 PM  

I've been hearing about Litsy on Books on the Nightstand (awesome books podcast), but I'm already on Goodreads & just can't manage one more type of social media!! People keep telling me I need to get on Pinterest for my blogs, but I just don't have time.

I've taken a break before, so I totally understand. I am also way behind on reviews - I just posted my April Book Summary last week!! Yeah, that far behind. Still trying to catch up, so we'll see.

Glad you will still be around!


2016 Big Book Summer Challenge

(Diane) bookchickdi 6/14/16, 7:38 AM  

I look forward to reading any format in which you discuss books, you are one of the most interesting people I know. Enjoy your summer!

Unknown 6/27/16, 1:58 PM  

I joined Litsy and haven't done a thing with it.
I've been absent for two months...gasp!
I'm no longer interested in long book reviews....are we all just trying to be more concise and get our thoughts out there?
My goal is to put together some group reviews and they will be short thoughts on each book, and to work my way back into some better habits.

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