06 August 2016

Weekend Cooking: 6 Links for Food Lovers

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6 Links for Food LoversAm I the only one who has multiple food-related Pinterest boards but rarely remembers to actually use them when it comes time to plan dinner? I'm sure I'm not. We all have good intentions when we pin that delicious-looking pie, beautiful salad, or perfectly decorated cake.

Even though I usually forget to use my boards, I have an additional problem. I save food-related articles to a special notebook in Evernote. I read the article and tell myself I need that advice or I must remember to make that recipe. Again, do I actually look at Evernote when I'm getting ready to make dinner or a snack? Of course, I don't.

Well, just because I don't remember to go back and use the information in my Evernote files doesn't mean you can't. So in the spirit of sharing, here are six articles I thought you might like to read. Maybe after I post the links here, I'll be more motivated to give some of the recipes a try.
  • The Right Way to Freeze Basically Everything: We're coming into the big harvest months here in the Northern Hemisphere: From August through October, the markets are bursting with fruits and vegetables. I no longer do much (okay, any) canning, but I love my freezers. Here are some great tips from Bon Appetit magazine on the hows and whats of freezing. I particularly like the sections labeled "Keep in mind."
  • 17 Boozy Popsicles to Enjoy This Summer: It's still plenty hot out, and because I don't have central air-conditioning, I'm always looking for good ways to cool down. Marie Claire has gathered up a bunch of recipes for delicious-sounding adult ice pops. Those bourbon and peach pops are calling to me! Now I just need to find my Popsicle molds.
  • 21 Things to Cook in a Cast Iron Skillet on the Grill (or Over the Fire): Many years ago, I bought a whole box of cast-iron pans at a house auction. I love them and use them often, though not every day. This article from Kitchn caught my eye. I like the idea of taking my cast-iron out to the grill--anything to keep from heating up the kitchen this summer. The recipes cover the whole day, from breakfast to dessert.
  • 18 Light Summer Dinners: I often visit the site Cookie + Kate and love this list of summer dinners that are pretty on the plate and easy on the cook. They are all vegetarian, most are vegan, and some are gluten free. Since I'm not a vegan, I could see adding leftover roasted chicken, an egg, or a bit of cheese to a couple of these meals, although they look pretty darn good just as they are.
  • 17 Easy Make-Ahead Recipes You’ll Want to Bring Camping: Ignore that word camping if you wouldn't be caught dead in a tent or camper. Replace it with picnic, cookout in the park, tailgating, or even grilling on the back deck. Brit + Co. rounded up some awesome dishes that are made at home and heated up on the grill or fire: the shrimp dinner and breakfast sandwiches both look fantastic.
  • 10 Super Healthy Smoothie Recipes: Every time one of you posts a smoothie recipe, I'm all: Yeah, I need to start making smoothies. Do I do it? No. But I did save this recent article from Runners World for protein-packed nutritious drinks. Banana ginger and strawberry-kiwi both sound refreshing. Maybe I really will make a smoothie this weekend . . . or soon.
Now that I've armed you with tips and tricks and recipes, I hope you--and I--will find a few new meals to try before the fall weather sets in.


bermudaonion 8/6/16, 6:28 AM  

My neighborhood would be all over those boozy popsicles!

rhapsodyinbooks 8/6/16, 6:48 AM  

I am the same about my pinterest pins. Re the popsicles, last week in fact I decided to dip/soak my regular Good Humor popsicles that I always keep around into my margarita. It was great! A quick fix for the concept, so to speak....

Tina 8/6/16, 7:55 AM  

The summer dinners and cast iron skillet links will be useful to me, glad you posted them. Camping....it's been ages since we've gone and we have always enjoyed it, will save that link too.

I am bad about looking over my Pinterest boards too. I need to look at those today.

Jackie McGuinness 8/6/16, 9:28 AM  

I'm as guilty as you. Everything gets pinned and then I never go back to find a recipe. I do use my Toronto board as I pin places I'd like to go.

This week, however, when I was looking for recipes for something specific like pork chops I used the Pinterest search rather than using Google and it worked great, I must have pinned 10 pork chop recipes LOL.

Margot 8/6/16, 9:42 AM  

What you have here is the equivalent of my recipe clipping files, notebooks, and boxes. Occasionally, I go through them and my intentions are good, but . . . There are two articles here that I'm going to pop over to right now - the ones on camping. We're going to take a big camping trip in a few weeks and I'm hoping there is something useful there.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity 8/6/16, 10:57 AM  

I'm bookmarking the camping list and the freezing list for later! I was just wondering last night if I could freeze prepared quesadillas for the girls' lunches. I need to use my freezer more than just uncooked meat!

Karen White 8/6/16, 11:11 AM  

Just subscribed to Kitchn and Cookie and Kate! I've tried things from Kitchn before, but never heard of the latter.

Unknown 8/6/16, 11:30 AM  

Since moving into our current apartment we had to convert out propane bbq to gas for this particular building policy. I've been cooking everything on it since moving in - in March. And this particular bbq doesn't have a side burner. I've been using my cast iron pan...my Dutch oven (amazed at how fast dutch oven cooks) and pizza stone. Not having to concern myself with refilling propane tank is wonderfully liberating ....and the added bonus...gas is included in my rent. That makes my cheap nature particularly happy.I've been looking for a flat grill cast iron thing at estate and garage sales for things like bacon etc but have contented myself with parchment lined sheet pans. There isn't too much that can't be cooked on a bbq. I'm waiting for summer sales in the fall to buy a bbq with a side burner.

Vicki 8/6/16, 11:47 AM  

Interesting links,thanks. I'm checking out all but the Boozy Popsicles since I don't drink.

Katherine P 8/6/16, 12:24 PM  

The camping list and the freezing list look like something I need! Plus I'm curious about the boozy popsicles. I'm not a big drinker but I just got some popsicle molds and I love the idea of making some adult popsicles. I'm actually decent about using Pinterest for dinners but not so good at so many of the other fascinating stuff I find there. Great post!

Deb in Hawaii 8/6/16, 12:32 PM  

I am actually pretty good about going through and trying things from my Pinterest boards and the search function that allows you to look through your pins is helpful. This is a great list of articles. I pin a lot from the Kitchn and Cookie + Kate is a frequent stop for me too! ;-) Bring on those boozy pops!

Kathy Reads Fiction 8/6/16, 1:07 PM  

I have multiple food related Pinterest boards, so you aren't alone there. Some are gluten free, some a dinners, etc. Not to mention all the kitchen related boards. Yet, I still have that burning question of what to eat, too.

Nan 8/6/16, 1:42 PM  

I'm just amazed that with your very busy life, you even have time to use Pinterest! If I read of a recipe I like, I copy the address and paste it into an email. Then I put it in a recipes to try folder. I also use my cookbooks and recipe cards. It would take me ten lifetimes to try all the recipes there!

Claudia 8/7/16, 4:22 AM  

My equivalent is a file on my computer - "recipes", in alphabetical order, which I add to and subtract from. But I always enjoy visiting foodie link-ups, so thanks.

Melynda@Scratch Made Food! 8/7/16, 8:11 AM  

Great links, I haven't made popsicles in years.....

Les 8/7/16, 11:10 AM  

I'm guilty of saving and ignoring on Evernote! Usually it's articles about places we're planning to visit on a vacation and only after we return do I remember I have articles about restaurants and coffee houses I wanted to visit! And with that said, I'm copying your post to Evernote so I can find all these wonderful recipes at a later date. ;)

Esme 8/7/16, 3:01 PM  

thank you for the links. I like Cookie and Kate a lot. Have a good week.

Molly 8/8/16, 8:49 PM  

All of these look wonderful... well, except maybe the camping list. My idea of "roughing" it is a Holiday Inn :)

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