26 January 2018

8 Books for Nonfiction Lovers

Little known fact: I was one of those nerdy kids who loved September because it meant the start of a new school year. Even though I'm *&^%# years past my last college exam, I still love to learn. These days, I turn to nonfiction to get my dose of, "Hey! I didn't know that!" moments. I've fallen a little behind in my nonfiction reading this month, but here are 8 books at the top of my list.

  • 8 books for nonfiction loversThe Financial Diet by Chelsea Fagan & designed by Lauren Ver Hage (Holt paperbacks; Jan 2): Perfect for getting a fresh start to the new year, this guide to learning how to be better with money is full of down-to-earth, real-life advice that's made all the more accessible through fun graphics and an appealing design.
  • The Girl on the Velvet Swing by Simon Baatz (Mulholland; Jan 16): The true story of a 16-year-old artist's model who was date-raped by a rich and famous architect, who was in turn shot--4 years later--in Madison Square Garden, by the girl's then-husband. The 1901 murder trial, which reached the Supreme Court, was both scandalous and important.
  • Mothers of Sparta by Dawn Davies (Flatiron, Jan 30): A moving, frank, and emotionally charged collection of nonchronological, linked essays that look at the varied stages and roles of Davies's--and Everywoman's--life: childhood, postpartum depression, marriage, divorce, motherhood, new beginnings, sacrifices, and power.
  • The Last London by Iain Sinclair (Oneworld Publications; Jan 9): Sinclair takes us on an exploration of the ancient city of London, along the streets, into history, from The City to the ends of the underground, and into the post-Brexit future. For both armchair travelers and those of us who know and love the city.
  • 8 books for nonfiction loversBringing Columbia Home by Michael D. Leinbach and Jonathan H. Ward (Arcade; Jan 2): Even though the Columbia disaster occurred 15 years ago next week, the public knows very little of the massive search and recovery operation conducted by multiple federal agencies and hundreds of volunteers. The tireless and often heartbreaking efforts of these people, provided answers and closure as well as hope for future space missions.
  • Cræft by Alexander Langlands (Norton; Jan 2): Why is it that with all our technology and high-tech factories so many of us seek out handmade, artisan products, from jewelry and furniture to beer and cheese? Archaeologist Langlands sets out to explore the true meaning of craftsmanship and our deep connections to those who master their craft.
  • It Occurs to Me That I Am America edited by Richard Russo, Joyce Carol Oates, Neil Gaiman, Lee Child, Mary Higgins Clark, & Jonathan Santlofer (Touchstone; Jan. 16): Dozen of authors and artists have come together to celebrate the real America--in all its diverse, multicolored, many layered glory. Through short stories, comics, art, and more embrace freedom and acceptance.
  • The Stowaway by Laurie Gwen Shapiro (Simon & Schuster; Jan. 16): In the late 1920s, teenage Billy Gawronski, wanted more than a workaday life in New York City, so he jumped into the Hudson River and sneaked aboard a ship destined to explore Antarctica. This is his story.


rhapsodyinbooks 1/26/18, 7:23 AM  

Hah! Well I loved *August* because it was time to go shopping for notebooks and stuff for the new school season!

bermudaonion 1/26/18, 9:16 AM  

Nice list! I've heard great things about Mothers of Sparta.

(Diane) bookchickdi 1/26/18, 9:26 AM  

The Stowaway intrigues me.

Amanda 1/26/18, 11:05 AM  

I have the audio of The Girl on the Velvet Swing queued up, and two of the others you mention (about the Columbia mission and Craeft) sound very interesting. I'll have to check out their audio counterparts.

Tina's Blog 1/26/18, 11:10 AM  

I've just requested Stowaway, Bringing Columbia Home and The Financial Diet from the library. So many books - I just can't ever seem to catch up.

Tina 1/26/18, 12:16 PM  

Thank you - Bringing Columbia Home and The Last London are now on my list.

picky girl 1/26/18, 1:20 PM  

Those first four look right up my alley!

Iliana 1/26/18, 4:39 PM  

Being that I do bookbinding and have always enjoyed crafting, I'm totally intrigued by Craft. And, It Occurs to Me also sounds like another I should add to my list. Thank you for sharing your list!

Hillary 1/26/18, 5:04 PM  

I am REALLY trying to get my financial life in order so the FINANCIAL DIET sounds like a book I need to read.

Greg 1/26/18, 8:46 PM  

I haven't been reading much non fiction lately, sadly, I get sucked in by all the shiny fiction ones *sigh*

The Last London and Craft both sound interesting to me! I've often wondered at the fact that even as technology advances, we find ourselves longing for simpler (?) times, artisan things, etc. I'd like to read that one...

Katherine P 1/27/18, 11:28 AM  

I love nonfiction but I don't read nearly enough of it. I know a little bit about the case behind The Girl on the Velvet Swing and really want to read this one. The Stowaway looks amazing too!

Daryl 2/5/18, 11:11 AM  

i am not a non fiction reader, not since my school days and those blue covered biographies .. but these do sound good.

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