03 August 2018

Review: MixAndMatchBox.Com -- The Best Style Box Ever?

clothing subscription serviceDo you belong to a shopping service or subscription box service? I have tried several clothing subscriptions over the last few years, with mixed results.

Well, I've now found what I consider to be the PERFECT clothing service. MixAndMatchBox.com is different from any other styling service I've tried because my stylist (her name is Alexis) is a real person with whom I've developed a relationship.

Instead of receiving clothing based on an alogrithm or based on what I've bought before (how many gray sweaters does a person need, other service?), my MixAndMatchBox is filled with pieces that were actually hand picked for me. Really.

First I'll explain how MixAndMatchBox works, then I'll tell you about my experience, and finally I'll show you what was in the box I received this week (see the photos). Keep this in mind: these clothes reflect my taste. You'd get clothes to match your tastes and needs.

The subscription plan basics will sound familiar to those of you who have tried clothing boxes before. But please, please read on--MixAndMatchBox is not the same old, same old.

  • Great clothing subscription serviceAll plans: Sign up on the MixAndMatchBox website and fill out a style profile. You'll be assigned a stylist. Shipping is free both ways via UPS. You have 5 days to decide on the items in your box. A preaddressed UPS return envelope, a price sheet, and instructions are included in your box. Their sizes are 0-18 and XS-2X.
  • Take a Chance Style in a Box: This box is great for those of you who like to budget. For $105.99 a month, you get 2-4 items of clothing with a value of at least $175.00. The price includes a $25.00 nonrefundable styling fee. To get this box, you must commit to a three-month subscription. Unlike some similar set-price services, you can return items you don't like or that don't fit. Your charges will be adjusted accordingly (see MixAndMatchBox.com for details).
  • Go for It Style in a Box: This is the subscription I have. You can request monthly boxes or you can set up when you want to get new clothes. I opted for the latter and am happy with only three to four boxes a year. (When you work from home, you don't wear out your clothes.) Your cost will depend on which items of clothing you decide to keep, but you'll pay a $25.00 nonrefundable styling fee for each box (the fee is applied to your final invoice). If you keep 5 items, you get a 25 percent discount. The nice thing about MixAndMatch is that you get 6 to 8 items in each box, so you can usually get your discount without having to say yes to something you know you'll never wear.
  • General prices for the Go for It Style in a Box: I find the prices for MixAndMatch to be much better than other services, and sometimes one or two items are on sale. Tops generally range from $28 to $45. Pants (I like Liverpool, so they're pricey!) are from $65 to $90, depending on what you're getting. The one dress I received was only $38! (These prices are before the 25 percent discount.) You can work with your stylist to get clothing in your price range. The quality has been great so far.
  • Bonuses for the Go for It Style in a Box: You can get your first three boxes for only a $5 styling fee (see details on the FAQ page here). Also note that MixAndMatchBox offers a three-month payment plan if you need to budget out your box. Again, see the FAQ page or ask your stylist.
So how is MixAndMatchBox different? As I said at the beginning, your stylist is really working for you and with you. Your first box will take several weeks before it arrives, because you and your stylist will be exchanging email, clarifying your tastes, and tweaking your sizing. She also may need to order in your pieces. You also might be asked to send in a photo of yourself, so your stylist can get an idea of your skin tone, body shape, and personal style. I ended up sending two!

Before my first box came, my stylist and I discussed jeans, age, lifestyle, and favorite colors. In my first box I asked for clothes for late winter into spring. Alexis sent me seasonally appropriate tops and three pairs of jeans so we could pinpoint what fit best. I ended up keeping all three pairs, but in the long run, two fit me better than the other.

So, guess what? I emailed my stylist (because she shops for me!) and told her my thoughts so the next box would be even better.

In my second box I was looking for general summer clothes. Besides some tops, I wanted shorts but nothing too short. My stylist picked out a great pair in denim--she told me that she held them up to herself (she's an inch taller than I am) to make sure the length would be right! That's what I call personal service.

I requested a specific pair of pants I had seen on the MixAndMatchBox Facebook feed, by my stylist was quick to email me back, saying that they'd be too long for me and came in only one length. But she suggested a similar pair that she thought would fit me; I told her to add them to my box. Again, that's personal service!

For my third box, I was looking specifically for easy-to-pack and easy-to-wear clothes to take on my upcoming trip to Europe with girlfriends (more on that next week). Alexis and I exchanged a few emails, and she was ready to start putting together my box.

Alexis sent me extra items in this box because she knew I was hoping to get the bulk of my travel clothing from her. I ended up keeping a lot of pieces, but now I don't have to worry about next week's packing. Let's go through the items one by one. I'll tell you what I kept and what I didn't. Click on the photos to get a better look.

The Shirts (starting from the top of the post, moving down)
  • Recommended clothing subscription serviceThe long-sleeved placket T-shirt (brand: Dear John) is in a pretty color teal, and I like the slightly uneven wash. It's just the kind of easy-to-wear top I wanted: the fit is great and the V-neckline is flattering. The nights where I'm traveling will be cool, so I needed at least one shirt with sleeves. I kept it.
  • The peachy short-sleeved T-shirt (brand: Dear John) looked super on me and is cool and casual. Again, I like the flattering neckline, and I love the slits on the sides that close with ribbons. It's a nice little detail that makes the shirt special. I kept it.
  • The deep burgundy/brown print shirt (brand: Cozy Casual) has really cute tulip/loosely ruffled sleeves and is flowy without making me look big. I love that the material is not see-through. The V-neck was a little low for me, but a white demi-cami solved that problem while also really bringing out the white in the print. This was my husband's favorite. I kept it.
  • I saw the cobalt blue top (brand: Skies Are Blue) in someone else's box and immediately requested it. It looks great on me and can be dressed up or down. This is my favorite. I kept it.
  • The striped side-tie shirt (brand: First Love) was really cute. I liked the tie and the pretty summer colors. It looked great with the pink pants (shown later) and I was tempted. It was, however, a little too baggy in the body, so I returned it.
  • Finally, the French blue short-sleeved T-shirt (brand: Gilli) has a really cute neckline (if you enlarge the photo, you'll see the cutouts at the neck) and a surprisingly feminine fit. It's fairly fitted on top but then flares gently out in soft folds (you can kind of see this on the hanger). I loved the look. Alas, the V-neck came down too low for my comfort zone, so I had to return it.
The Dress
  • great style box serviceThe knit dress with front tie (brand Gilli) was a total surprise. My stylist took a chance, even though I never request dresses. You can see a detail of the fabric in the lower left of the photo. I really should have taken a picture of me wearing the dress because you can't see how pretty it is in real life (did I say I love the colors?). The tie gives the dress shape and is a great detail, and the sleeves are capped. The colors work now and will be super into the fall. The dress looked so good on me, my husband said I had to keep it. I wasn't planning on taking a dress to Europe, but this one would pack beautifully and a pair of ballet flats take up almost no room, right? Thanks, Alexis, I love it!
The Pants
  • The eggplant cargo pants (brand: Dear John) fit perfectly. I had specifically asked for cargo pants, so I was happy to see them, and the color is great for late summer into fall. Sadly, the skinny jeans were really skinny. They totally fit me, but super-skinny is out of my comfort zone, so I reluctantly sent them back.
  • The clay cuffed cropped jeans (brand: Dear John) are so cute and stylish. I love the big cuffs and the color is perfect (off-white/pale gray?). The pants have a little stretch but not so much that they'll be hot, and they're that perfect step up from basic jeans that make them super for my very casual trip. Kept them.
  • The pale pink pants are in one of my favorite styles from Liverpool. They're called Buddy Trousers, and the material is soft and wears beautifully. These pants are so darn comfortable, I could live in them. Alexis sent me a pale green pair earlier in the summer, and I'm thrilled she read my email saying how much I loved them. So happy to have a second pair. Kept.
If you want to see more clothes from MixAndMatchBox.com, you'll find reviews, unboxings, and try ons over on YouTube. For some reason, I couldn't find a lot of blog reviews, so I'm out to change that!

I wholeheartedly recommend MixAndMatchBox for anyone who has been frustrated with clothing subscription boxes. The truly one-on-one service makes MixAndMatchBox a winner for me. When your stylist totally gets your style, is willing to tweak the boxes and ask questions, then you know you're going to love your clothes. Visit their site to get more information.

If you use my link -- www.mixandmatchbox.com/?ref=candace -- then we both get a discount on the styling fee, but even if you don't use my code I hope you give MixAndMatchBox.com a try.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post; I have paid for all my boxes myself. I am just a happy customer who wants to share a good experience.


(Diane) bookchickdi 8/3/18, 7:56 AM  

I’m definitely going to give this a try, your clothes look so cute and perfect for you.

Mae Travels 8/3/18, 8:10 AM  

I'm a near total non-shopper (or anyway only an L.L.Bean shopper). For the first time in ages, I recently spent part of a morning in a tiny shop in town with one owner and one employee who both helped me pick two tops and a pair of pants. I was motivated because I actually had places to wear them, which I have done. But I also like the idea of supporting at least some local businesses, which rarely see me as I'm so devoted to amazon.com .

So thanks for the idea for a third way! Next time I need clothes I might try it. But that could be quite a while. I hope their business plan is better than that all-you-can-eat movie thing.

And I have this question: did you spend more time training your personal shopper than you would spend actually going to the store to select garments hands-on?

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Beth F 8/3/18, 8:27 AM  

@Mae I hate shopping and thus I'm not a good shopper. I was just open, honest, and definitive with my stylist and was so grateful to let her figure out what might look good on me. I spent way less time with Alexis than I would have trying to find those pieces on my own.

Vicki 8/3/18, 9:15 AM  

I love the clothes, and I'm glad you found a shopping service you really love!

Heidenkind 8/4/18, 12:56 AM  

I stopped using all of the clothing sub boxes I subscribed to because it was too pricey. But this sounds like an excellent service

Daryl 8/4/18, 9:08 AM  

love this post .. life for me has been hectic AND both of us have bad colds .. so i have not been reading anything ,, but when this post popped int my inbox i was going to flag and save but couldnt help but be intrigued .. shopping .. clothes ... anyway took me two days to work through it and i have to say they should pay you - what a great post what a great promo for them and what nice clothes .. gotta admit i am not happy with the one experience i had w/subscription boxes nevertheless THIS one sounds very customer friendly and i like all the clothes you kept .. the blue v-neck patterned/striped top (first photo grid lower right corner) is something i would buy in heartbeat - i am not sure if i am just not seeing the brand or if you didnt mention it .. all in all perfect selections .. yay you!

Deb in Hawaii 8/4/18, 12:03 PM  

I just may have to try this one. I have been leery of StichFix but I love everything you got here.

Susie | Novel Visits 8/4/18, 3:12 PM  

I've only tried Stitch Fix and it just didn't work for me. I feel like I'm pretty picky when it comes to my clothing, but I've grown to hate shopping. Mix And Match sounds like something worth exploring further. Thanks and have a wonderful trip. You'll look amazing!

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