15 September 2018

Weekend Cooking: Catching Up on 3 Food Televsion Shows

Catching up on food televisionI love a good food-related television show, documentary, or movie, and I love hunting down something new to watch. Sometimes, however, it's nice to visit old friends or check in on new developments.

Thanks to all the rain we've had lately (nothing like the poor Carolinas, though, and I'm so sorry for all they're going through), I've had time to catch up on the latest seasons of shows I've already reviewed for Weekend Cooking.

Here are my thoughts on three shows currently streaming on Netflix.

The Great British Bake Off: Season 8

Catching up on food showsHave you seen the show since Mary, Mel, and Sue were replaced? It took me a while to warm up to Prue, and I really miss the chemistry between Paul and Mary. Mary was fun and accessible, whereas Prue seems somewhat standoffish. I know it may take a season or two for Paul and Prue to come off as friends, but I miss the easy banter of the earlier seasons. As for Noel and Sandi, I bet they'll get the hang of it once they work out their own style. They started out trying too hard to be like Mel and Sue instead of being themselves, but they're beginning to find their own rhythm.

Is it just my impression, or were the bakes this season harder and sometimes a bit out there? That doesn't bother me at all, it just seems that Paul and Prue were stretching to find something unique for the contestants to make. All in all, though, I enjoyed the season and had fun rooting for my favorite bakers. I'm looking forward to next year under the big tent.

Nailed It: Season 2

Catching up on food televisionI wrote a positive review of the first season of Nailed It! earlier this year. It's definitely one of those shows you're either going to love or hate. Nicole Byer makes me laugh, and I like chemistry between her and Jacques Torres. Who knew Torres had such a good sense of humor? The show works because the contestants are having fun and generally find it easy to laugh at themselves. I'm sure they would all like winning $10,000, but they seem to be having fun regardless of what their finished dessert looks like.

If you're looking for pure escape watching and you want to add a little humor to your evening, then you really do have to give this show a chance.

Lords and Ladles: Season 2

Catching up on Food televsionIf you're more interested in learning a little something of food history and about some of the beautiful estates and great families of Ireland, then this is the show for you. As I said in my review of season 1, I really loved getting an inside look at the beautiful homes and grounds, meeting interesting people, absorbing some history, and watching the chefs re-create grand meals from the past.

It's just as much fun this time around, and I get a kick out of seeing the reactions of the people who've been invited to partake in the feasts. Some love everything, and some are hesitant to try the odder foods. I have a feeling that Lords and Ladles lasted only two seasons, but I like it enough that I'm hoping for more. Or maybe a similar show set in a different country.

In other news: I'm finally feeling completely settled in and back to normal. The temperatures have moderated, my jet lag is gone, and I'm caught up on my work. Look for reviews and lots of good harvest cooking ahead!

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bermudaonion 9/15/18, 7:52 AM  

My mom loves the Great British Bake Off. She talked about one episode when they had to make doughnuts and no one knew what they were. I found that odd since we saw Krispy Kreme doughnuts for sale when we were in London years ago.

Tina 9/15/18, 8:03 AM  

I’ve never heard of Lords and Ladies, that’s right up my alley! I wish I could see the British Bake-off, our library doesn’t have it yet, I keep asking.

Mae Travels 9/15/18, 8:31 AM  

Good to hear you are re-established after your long trip, and back to watching TV series.

We binge-watched GBBS season 5 (from2017) this week -- 2 Wednesday, 2 Thursday, and the remaining 6 episodes on Friday! It's incredibly unchanged considering how many people are different from the prior seasons.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Jackie McGuinness 9/15/18, 8:56 AM  

I like Prue, have watched her on My Kitchen Rules UK. I have seen Paul on a TV cooking series and he;s ok.
Never heard of Nailed It, will have to check it out.

I am a huge fan of MasterChef Australia and it gets tougher as the years going on. I am less of a fan of the US and Canada Masterchefs, they are not as difficult and the judges can be mean and the contestants petty.
The Australian judges are extremely helpful and sympathetic.

Claudia 9/15/18, 11:21 AM  

I enjoy the GBBS, but have yet to see those others. Lords and Ladies sounds good, and I'll have to see if we can get it here, in the wild wild West.

Deb in Hawaii 9/15/18, 12:09 PM  

I keep meaning to watch Lords and Ladles based on your previous review but have not and I have not caught up with the new GBBS yet. One of these days! Glad you are feeling settled back in. ;-)

JoAnn 9/15/18, 2:36 PM  

I'm way behind on The Great British Bake Off... time to get caught up. Glad you've recovered from the jet lag :)

Unknown 9/15/18, 3:07 PM  

Its been rainy here as well i haven't seen any of these shows. I will have to check them out.

gluten Free A_Z Blog 9/15/18, 3:47 PM  

I'm a Netflix watcher . I've tried Nailed It but just couldn't get into it..

Marg 9/15/18, 9:52 PM  

The only ones of these I haven't watched is Lords and Ladies. I have it on my Netflix list, just haven't watched it yet.

Aj @ Read All The Things! 9/16/18, 8:47 PM  

I love Bake Off, but I haven’t seen the new judges or hosts because I don’t have Netflix. I’m tempted to get Netflix just so I can watch Bake Off whenever I want.

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Greg 9/18/18, 12:21 AM  

I haven't seen The Great British Bake-off but I've heard a lot about it, and it sounds like fun. One of these days I'm going to clear my Netflix schedule and watch some of it!

Katherine P 9/18/18, 4:23 PM  

I haven't watched the new Great British Bake-Off. I'm kind of scared - I love the old team so much and Paul was really my least favorite. I'm glad to know it was enjoyable and that the bakes were interesting. I just started the first season of Lords and Ladles and I'm loving it! It's so much fun!

Sue Jackson 9/18/18, 7:09 PM  

I haven't seen any of these yet, though I have heard rave reviews of the Great British Bake-off.

I enjoy watching The Next Food Network Star, and i would like to try the Food Truck show.

But our all-time favorite food show is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! My husband and I love road trips and often visit the places Guy goes to on the show - never had a bad meal at one of them yet!


Book By Book

Shaheen 9/19/18, 1:37 PM  

I am watching the most current GBBO series on TV at the moment, I like the new hosts and enjoyed the first editions, but over the years some of the contestants have become savvy, I find that its not so much about the baking, but as a way for some individuals to spring start a career in TV, which is a bit of a shame. I've not heard of Lords and Ladles, wonder if it will feature here at some point.

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