08 November 2018

7 Books for Crime Fiction Fans

There's something about long winter (late fall) nights that draws me to crime fiction. This November is no exception, and my reading list this month includes books featuring spies, serial killers, private detectives, and amateur sleuths. Here are seven novels to look for right now.

All about Forever and a Day by Anthony HorowitzForever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz (Harper, November 6): Attention James Bond Fans: Have you ever wondered how the debonaire agent got his start? The Ian Fleming estate authorized Horowitz to write this prequel to Casino Royale, in which we learn how Bond earned his reputation and his “license to kill.” Set in the 1950s on the French Riviera, the book includes all the familiar Bond tropes, including a sexy female agent of questionable loyalties and plenty of martinis. I generally have mixed feelings about continuing series after an author has died, but I’m curious. Its Goodreads rating is 4 stars. (cold war thriller)

All about A Dangerous Duet by Karen OddenA Dangerous Duet by Karen Odden (William Morrow, November 6): If you’re looking to start a new series right from the beginning, check out this mystery set in Victorian England. The novel features a brother-sister team: Matthew’s a young detective with Scotland Yard, and Nell’s an aspiring pianist who wants to further her studies. When Nell’s job puts her in the path of danger and Matthew is assigned a major case to bring down a gambling ring, the siblings realize they’re after the same gang of criminals. According to reviews, readers can expect a good mix of historical details, well-drawn characters, and a nicely wrought mystery. Its Goodreads rating is 4.3 stars. (historical detective mystery)

All about Inhuman Resources by Pierre LemaitreInhuman Resources by Pierre Lemaitre (Quercus, November 13): Four years after a middle-aged human resource manager lost his job, he is finally offered a chance at employment. Alain’s pride is worn thin, so he agrees to participate in “the ultimate recruitment test: a role-playing game that involves taking hostages.” Soon, however, Alain begins to understand that this is no game, and he really doesn’t stand a chance of success. Nothing goes as expected, and Alain’s world spins out of control. This novel promises dark humor and a tight plot. Its Goodreads rating is 3.74. (noir thriller)

All about Sweetpea by C. J. SkuseSweetpea by C. J. Skuse (Mira, November 27): I can’t resist a story starring a fellow editor. In this thriller, a young woman with a troubled childhood has found peace in her safe job as an editorial assistant, her dog, and her committed boyfriend. But beneath that sweet exterior lurks an anger that is just waiting for one more personal affront to let it bubble up to the surface: will the trigger be the unfriendly clerk, people who don’t know how to queue up properly, or a rude co-worker? This book, written in diary form, has been repeatedly called darkly comic. Who knew a serial killer could make you laugh? Its Goodreads rating is 4. (suspense, thriller)

All about The Pallbearer by Jordan FarmerThe Pallbearer by Jordan Farmer (Skyhorse, November 20): In a small West Virginia town in the post–coal mine economy, the Gilbert family rules with an iron fist. When two local men—one a social worker and one just barely scraping by—find themselves enmeshed in family business, they are forced into a tight spot, with the law on one side and the Gilberts on the other. Plot lines include blackmail, murder, dwindling prospects, and drugs, and the book features LGBTQ+ and physical different characters. Its Goodreads rating is 3.86. (crime fiction)

All about Naughty on Ice by Maia ChanceNaughty on Ice by Maia Chance (Minotaur, November 13): If you like your mysteries taken with a side dish of fun, give this Prohibition-era series a try. A society lady and her faithful cook have a reputation for finding lost items, but sometimes their investigations take a murderous bent. In this outing the detecting duo accept a holiday invitation to Vermont where they've been asked to look for an antique ring. Unfortunately, the wealthy family that hired them is missing its Christmas cheer, and the two women end up being the prime suspects when an elderly aunt is found poisoned. Small-town secrets and 1920s cocktails come into play. Its Goodreads rating is 4.2. (cozy mystery)

All about The Feral Detective by Jonathan LethemThe Feral Detective by Jonathan Lethem (Ecco, November 6): A chatty young woman seeks the help of a taciturn private detective: she is trying to track down a missing girl, and he’s supposed to have a talent for finding the lost. As the two search the underbelly of California’s interior, they must find a way to safely navigate the survivalists, ex-hippies, and other groups who are living off the grid and who are fiercely protective of their own. Finding the girl may be the least of their troubles in this strange world nestled within our own. Underlying themes address the current state of affairs in America, such as the deep political and economic divides. Its Goodreads rating is 3.3. (detective story / thriller)


Jackie McGuinness 11/8/18, 8:13 AM  

Did you find my diary called Sweetpea???

Daryl 11/8/18, 8:24 AM  

gotta say Sweetpea sounds like the best of the lot at least for me ... thanks!

Kay 11/8/18, 9:28 AM  

I'm trying to step away a bit from the 'new' books, but a couple of these sound like things I'd like right now - Naughty on Ice and A Dangerous Duet. Will keep both in mind. I'm having fun planning for my time of reading the 'older' books and catching up on series. :-)

bermudaonion 11/8/18, 10:53 AM  

The Pallbearer grabs my attention.

Katherine P 11/8/18, 1:05 PM  

I have Dangerous Duets coming up on my reading list and am really looking forward to it! Super curious about Forever and a Day. I've really enjoyed the James Bond series and am curious to see what a different author does with the character.

Emma at Words And Peace / France Book Tours 11/9/18, 2:51 PM  

Pierre Lemaitre is a real master. Tough content, but so so well written

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