28 December 2018

Channeling Janus: Looking Back, Looking Forward

What to Read in 2019It's that time of the year when everyone is talking about their favorite books and sharing stats about their reading life. I love it. I also like to hear about plans for the coming year.

That's what today's post is all about: a look back and a look forward. I didn't keep good data on last year's reading, so all numbers given here are very close approximations (and have been rounded).

In 2019, I hope to keep closer watch on my stats, and I'd love to update my review index (it stops in April of 2017). For the last couple of years I've been reading more books in translation, more diverse books, and more short stories. I need to start keeping track! I love books stats; don't you?

A Quick Look at 2018

  • Total number of books read: 130
  • Male / female authors (determined by name): 40 men, 90 women
  • Fiction / nonfiction: 100 fiction, 30 nonfiction
  • Cookbooks, food, drink: 40 (not included in above stats)
  • Screen (movies / TV) reviews: 15
  • Hours of audiobook listening: 960 (= 40 days!)
  • First review of the year: Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore
  • Last review of the year: Death at the Chateau Bremont by M. L. Longworth 
A Look to 2019

Since I've now passed my 10-year blogiversary, I am getting way more relaxed about posting. I remember the stress of daily posts and of long, detailed, thoughtful reviews. I'm so much happier now that I've taken the pressure off myself. Here are some things that will stay the same:
  • Monday review posts
  • Weekend Cooking
  • Many Wordless Wednesday posts
  • Many weekly bookish round-ups
  • Occasional Today's Read posts (sometimes with a giveaway)
Here are some things that may change or may be new:

My weekly book-related round-ups (according to my blog stats) are very popular, so I will be keeping them, though I may play around with the format. I haven't settled on a consistent style I like, but hope to find one and stick with it, so you always know what to expect.

I've always kept my personal life off the blog (for the most part), but I may change that next year. I'm contemplating something along the lines of Jamie's "If We Were Having Coffee" (see The Perpetual-Page Turner) or SusieQOregon's "The Things I Liked This Week" (see Whimpulsive) or JoAnn's "Updates" (see Lakeside Musing) or the popular "Currently" posts. I'd love to have a place to share some of my non-book life, including my lace and knitting addictions. This kind of post would appear late in the week instead of a book round-up or maybe in addition to a round-up. I would LOVE to know your thoughts on this--really.

In a few months I will hit my 500th Weekend Cooking post -- that will be 500 Weekend Cooking posts in a row (except for the two Deb hosted when I was in Europe last August). I'm thinking of passing the Weekend Cooking torch -- I'd still participate, but I'm almost ready to let someone else take over. If you're interested in hosting, let me know. I'm not giving up my baby right away, but I'm definitely considering it come summer.

Please let me know if there's anything you wish I wrote about. Do you miss Imprint Friday? Do you miss my seasonal middle grade round-ups? Do you wish I'd post a "what to look for this month" book round-up? I'm curious. You can comment here or email me or DM me or Tweet me . . . I'd be thrilled to hear from you.

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and healthy and happy new year filled with books, family, friends, and all good things.


Clarissa 12/28/18, 7:36 AM  

I enjoyed your middle grade reviews and will miss you weekend cooking, but I get the need for change. 500. Wow!

Sarah (Sarah's Book Shelves) 12/28/18, 7:51 AM  

10 years....wow! Congratulations!

And good for you for taking stock and re-evaluating. I'll be doing the same as we get into January...mostly changing some things on the blog to free up time for the podcast.

I like your book round-up posts and would be interested in more about your personal life. Though, I'm not into lace or knitting, so I probably wouldn't be interested in those things in particular.

Happy New Year!

JoAnn 12/28/18, 7:59 AM  

You know, your post made me realize that I completely missed my own 10 year blogging anniversary!! Guess I've become pretty relaxed about it all as the years have passed, too. My update posts are the most fun to write and regularly generate the most comments. I, for one, would love to see something like that here.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) 12/28/18, 9:51 AM  

I really love the more personal posts people do, so I'd be a fan of seeing that. I used to do Currently posts more regularly, but that didn't happen as much this year. I'm hoping to bring them back more in 2019!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz 12/28/18, 10:07 AM  

My dil, who is in the public eye, said it is good to share a bit of one's personal life, but not too much.

I think I tend to share too much, but I love hearing about others.

bermudaonion 12/28/18, 10:18 AM  

I vowed to keep better reading stats one year and did for about two weeks. It's a shame, too, because I love reading other people's stats.

I do enjoy a peek into blogger's personal lives so that addition would be fun.

Les in Oregon 12/28/18, 12:30 PM  

I always enjoy reading the personal tidbits about the bloggers I follow, so I say yes to that addition for 2019. My monthly summaries, which include movies watched, puzzles we've worked on, trips we've taken and folks who have visited us, tend to generate a lot more comments than my book reviews. I say go for it!

SuziQoregon 12/28/18, 4:28 PM  

I think it would be fabulous if you did The Things I Liked This Week or some other type of post about life beyond books. Thanks for the shout out!

Melissa 12/28/18, 4:59 PM  

Would love to see more personal posts! It's always nice to learn more about the person behind the blog. And as for Weekend Cooking, my mom would be heartbroken if it ended -- so, if and/or when you decide it's time, let me know and I would be willing to consider taking it over.

Bryan G. Robinson 12/28/18, 8:39 PM  

I always love Jamie and Suzi's posts and JoAnn's posts too. Thanks for reminding me that I need to visit them more often than I do (which is too rare with at least two of them). Personally, I'd love to see that from you...if that's what you want to do.

Amanda 12/29/18, 8:56 AM  

I say do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I love personal posts on blogs but that's mostly because y'all are friends. :)

Mary R. 12/29/18, 12:01 PM  

The "updates" on Lakeside Musing are a nice format that seems like it would work well on your blog. A little info about non-book stuff in a semi-structured format (which I find makes it easier when writing a recurring post). If you feel like adding this you should give it a try. Happy New Year!

Kay 12/30/18, 1:54 PM  

I agree with others about sharing a bit of personal things - whatever else you'd like to - hobbies or what you've been doing. I think those of us who have been around for a long time have things that work well for us and then our enthusiasm starts to wane or we put too much pressure on ourselves to keep things just as they have always been. I'm planning on having no plan particularly in 2019 and seeing if that works well enough. Congrats on 10 years and all your many Weekend Cooking posts. That is amazing, Candace! Mostly, I say do what makes you happy - we'll all follow along. :-)

Elisabeth 12/30/18, 3:21 PM  

Congrats on 10 years! I love your blog and understand the need to mix it up, though I will definitely miss your Weekend Cooking. I do miss the Imprint posts, so hope you bring them back. I would definitely be interested in your craft posts, I have tried to learn how to knit but have never gotten the hang of it. I think the problem is that I am a lefty but crochet with my right hand and in knitting can't figure out which hand should hold which needle.
I tend not to want my life out in the internet world, though I do enjoy reading about others- and getting to know and befriend book bloggers though I don't blog myself.

Have a Happy New Year!!

Iliana 12/30/18, 4:41 PM  

Looks like a wonderful reading year! I am excited to read some of your personal posts. I always enjoy hearing about other interests book bloggers have. Of course congratulations on passing the 10 year book blogger anniversary mark. That is an accomplishment! Wishing you a happy new year!

Tina 12/31/18, 11:22 AM  

I forgot to celebrate my 10 years, argh! I didn’t know I would keep up with blogging so long.

Well, a bit more personal info would be great, especially a “if we were having coffee “ sort of thing. But I agree with another comment above, you have to be careful how much personal info you share. I dearly wish I didn’t have a URL with my name but I was such a newbie when I discovered blogs. Obviously that isn’t an issue for you. I also wish I had one blog to combine my cooking, books and personal so with a blog like yours, you can add a craft section easily.

I like your book reviews and if there is a book that becomes a movie, the comparison would be great.
Thanks for a great year, love your blog, always adding to my to-read list as a result.


Daryl 1/7/19, 8:54 AM  

your reviews always count ... often they lead me new directions - i once said never to audio books yet due to you i am a convert ... so however your blog grows i know i will enjoy it

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