11 January 2019

Off the Shelf; Or What's New in My Corner of the World 1

Off the Shelf at Beth Fish ReadsWe're two weeks into the new year, and I already like things better on this side of the calendar. My working life is in good shape, the house is still in order, and we're back to healthful eating. All those things make me happy.

I'm experimenting today with a more personal kind of post. The format is a work-in-progress, but I decided to jump right in. My usual roundups and other book-related posts have not gone away. This "Off the Shelf" series will appear only every few weeks--at least that's my current plan.

Oh, and if the tag "Off the Shelf" is stepping on someone's toes, I apologize profusely. It's all I could come up with. I'm not sure I'm married to the flower photo, but it was conveniently on my phone.

Book quote of the week that made me smile:

It's never too early for a wee dram.
(From Peter May's Lewis Man, which I should finish on audio tonight)

Thoughts on Travelers the TV seriesTelevision series I'm currently addicted to: Travelers on Netflix. I gave the show a try last weekend when I had a night to myself and promptly watched the first three episodes back to back. I love time-travel stories anyway (queue Outlander and Time Traveler's Wife), and this series is action packed, a little mysterious, and totally addictive.

Movies I'm going to review: I'm lucky enough to sometimes have access to screeners and review copies of movies and series, and after the Golden Globes awards, I checked Fox Home Entertainment and was happy to see that I have The Favorite and Bohemian Rhapsody in my queue as well as The Hate U Give. Yes, I'm always way behind in my movies.

A mistake that turned into a blessing: Although I pretty much abandoned my bullet journal in June last year, hope springs eternal. I bought a new journal and am going to try again--for the fourth year. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm such a journal failure. Anyway, when I opened my new Leuchtturm1917, I discovered that I had ordered a grid journal instead of a dot one. My first reaction was OH NO! But since I had already pulled the plastic off, I decided to go with it. I know this sounds stupid, but I think the grids may be a turning point for me. I love it!

Thoughts on Koss BT232i Wireless FitClipsLife-changing discovery of the year (11 days in): A few months ago I finally had to say good-bye to my iPhone 6. The battery no longer held a charge, but worse my speakers were starting to crap out on me. I totally abused those speakers, considering that I listen to audiobooks every single second I can. I didn't want a new iPhone because I needed that earbud jack. First, I have small ears, and there is only one style of earbuds or headphones that I ever found to be comfortable, and they use a jack. Second, I really didn't want yet another thing I had to charge each night. Third, I couldn't face the tragedy of having my earbuds lose charge partway through a walk. Still, I had to get a new phone.

So I ordered my new iPhone (if you're interested in which model I got and why, ask and I'll write about that next time) and an adapter so I could listen through my trusted earbuds. I was so disappointed: not only does the adapter affect the sound but it adds extra length and weight to the cord and a second place for the buds to inadvertently come unplugged. Enter some research and the discovery that my favorite earbuds come in a Bluetooth model. Now add in the after-Christmas sales.

OMG, where I have been all these years? Yes, the sound was so incredibly improved (even for my cheapo favs), but the magic moment occurred when I was listening to a book while cooking and--without thinking--ran upstairs to get something. Suddenly I realized that I could still hear my book, even though my phone was downstairs! Holy cow! Then there was the time I went to take something out of the oven and realized I didn't have to first make sure the plastic-coated cord was out of the way. My life has changed, and I'm never going back! In fact, I'm going to order a second pair, so I can take an extra set with me on my walks, just in case. Product: Koss BT232i Wireless FitClips (totally unsponsored; just a happy customer)

What's new for you in 2019?


JoAnn 1/11/19, 8:00 AM  

Fun post... and great title! I got wireless earbuds a year ago for Christmas and they were definitely a game-changer for me, too. Not sure how I did without them for so long...

bermudaonion 1/11/19, 10:54 AM  

I love the holidays but also love getting my house back in order.

It sounds like I need to look into wireless earbuds.

sherry fundin 1/11/19, 10:54 AM  

I'm thinking of adding some fun posts like this one. Funny how something so simple can make you so happy. :-)
sherry @ fundinmental

Gail Gauthier 1/11/19, 11:58 AM  

We’re watching The Travelers, too. Definitely like it.

Amanda 1/11/19, 11:59 AM  

The first time I created a bullet journal, I couldn't find a dot book anywhere. I ended up getting a grid moleskine instead, and kept using that. When I finally found a dot journal, I tried using it and it turned out that I hated it! I really like the grid one.

My son just got bluetooth headphones for Christmas. They're a pretty cheap kind and I think they lose charge easily. I'll have to tell him about these. I'm lucky that I can handle the apple earbuds. They aren't great on my ears and I can't wear them for too many hours in a row, but they work most of the time, so I haven't looked for other options. I like what you say about the bluetooth ones though!

SuziQoregon 1/11/19, 12:03 PM  

Love seeing this kind of post from you!

Yay for liking grid journals. I use a grid Leuchtturm at work. I've always preferred grid to dots.

I'm so glad you're happy with your Bluetooth earbuds. I got my first pair to use on the rowing machine. I have airpods now and love them. I understand that they don't work for everyone's ears but for me they're fabulous.

Tina 1/11/19, 12:28 PM  

I love this post. Also, yes indeed I would like to know which iPhone you bought and what swayed you to whichever model. My husband and I both have the 7 version, his is screwing up. The iPhones are expensive so much thought goes into the purchase.

AND, you totally sold us on the wireless earbuds. We just bought a pair, for each of us!

rhapsodyinbooks 1/11/19, 1:36 PM  

One reason I don't listen to audiobooks except in the car is because of weird ear shapes that don't take most ear buds. I can't even get ear plugs during an MRI! So it's good to hear you found some that work. Maybe I'll try again....

Jackie McGuinness 1/12/19, 9:31 AM  

LOVED Bohemian Rhapsody!!! Will see it again. Funny on my linked post we saw a Mexican kid impersonating Freddie Mercury the other night!

I have really small ears and always end up with sore ones. I suggested getting Bluetooth to John but haven't convinced him yet.

Love Peter May.

TP 1/12/19, 6:31 PM  

I cannot go back to wired earbuds - and noise canceling headsets!

Tanya Patrice

Daryl 1/13/19, 12:21 PM  

i am a devoted Koss user ... my husband who is a retired video editor and who used noise cancelling Bose headphones for work totally adores the in-ear Koss buds ..

we saw The Favourite Friday night .. awesome incredible amazing acting by all three female leads but .. and its a huge but .. the director's choice of using wide angle and fisheye lenses is distracting .. AND the (IMO) affected format of setting up/telling the story was also distracting .. i am SO disappointed ..

The Cynical Sailor 1/13/19, 2:49 PM  

I really enjoyed Travelers as well. Is there a new season out? I'll have to check out Netflix.

Cheers - Ellen

Heidenkind 1/15/19, 12:12 AM  

I hear ya (hahah) on the small ears and frustration with the iphone’s Headphone jack adaptor. It is legit frustrating. I bought myself a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for Christmas and they’re working out well so far.

Les in Oregon 1/16/19, 6:32 PM  

I have always had trouble with earbuds, so I wear big, bulky BEATS when I listen to my audiobooks while out walking. I use Alexa while in the kitchen. I am very tempted to try the earbuds you purchased, especially since they're so affordable!

I joined the Bullet Journal bandwagon on New Year's Day and am enjoying the process (feeling much more accountable for my daily TO DO items), but I think I would prefer the grid rather than the dots. Guess I'll have to try that for my second journal.

Great post!!

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