05 June 2020

Off the Shelf: Thoughts on My Current Reading List

Off the Shelf at Beth Fish ReadsIn the old days (i.e., pre-2016) I used to use Twitter to share a photo and short description of the books that caught my eye that week. I miss those Twitter nights, but these days people have much more on their minds than finding their next book--and rightly so.

If I had had a working crystal ball earlier this spring when I accepted pitches and made requests for June books, I may have picked more timely titles. I could not see into the future, so my list of recommended books that published this week (prepared weeks ago) may or may not be currently relevant. Some of the books on my list are pure escape reading, perfect for these days of self-isolation. Others, however, raise difficult issues, and still others take us out of the English-speaking world.

With respect for the troubled times we're in, I've decided to postpone my post . . . read, learn, listen, respect and empower others.


rhapsodyinbooks 6/5/20, 7:03 AM  

Well said! Although I find it necessary not to think about what is going on all the time, it is hard not to, and hard to concentrate on escape. And yet I know it is important for mental health to take a break sometimes, even as I know I have so much privilege to be able to do so. One can only wish one day we will all have what should be a basic human right not to spend our time worrying about death and thinking about tragedy.

Tina 6/5/20, 7:27 AM  

There is just so much I can handle reading about with current events. Not putting my head in the sand but I can't fill my head with the turmoil and hate that dominates the news. Escaping through reading is what I do. Your suggestions have always opened up new worlds and ideas for me.

Daryl 6/5/20, 10:48 AM  

maybe its shallow but i think in hectic times emotional times like these we all need to escape .. what better way than with a book ... non fiction works - for me - best all the time. i read to escape reality tho lately my usual post apocalyptic stories are a little too real nevertheless a good read is a good way to for a brief time to escape

Vicki 6/5/20, 2:24 PM  

There is so much negativity and hate out there today that I've been escaping into books, tv, and music, but my main escape has been prayer. It helps me cope and stay positive.

Les in Oregon 6/6/20, 7:09 PM  

I appreciate your words: "read, learn, listen, respect and empower others."

These past few months have been so distressing and I've been having some deep conversations with my husband (who is 10 years older than I) about how life felt to him during the 60s. It feels like we've are reliving those turbulent times and the songs of that era run through my mind on a daily basis. Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" and CSNY's "Teach Your Children" are just two that come to mind.

I started listening to The Warmth of Other Suns this afternoon and have several other timely books lined up, but I also want to continue reading Louise Penny and other mysteries to allow for some escapism. I make a point of getting outside and walk every day in order to clear my mind. But it's my granddaughter and nieces who give me hope. They are protesting and speaking out against racism AND most importantly, they are all able to vote in November!

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