10 July 2020

Thoughts on Blogging in the Current Atmosphere

Hello, friends. Long time, no see, right? I'm still here, though my blogging days are definitely changing. In today's post, I want to talk a little bit about why I'm making changes and what to expect from me in the future.

Change Is in the Air

Recommended books from Beth Fish ReadsWe live in a time of change brought on not only from COVID-19 but also from a slew of very important social movements, particularly #BlackLivesMatter along with several other equality issues, including #WeNeedDiverseBooks. The political climate is polarizing, and for many people everyday life is difficult and economically scary.

It's imperative for all of us to educate ourselves in anti-racism, feminism, diversity, and equality. If you look around the book world or do some internet searching, you'll find book lists and suggestions from people way more qualified than I am. I do read "important" books, but I don't discuss them here on Beth Fish Reads or anywhere in social media, for two primary reasons: (1) I'm not an expert and don't claim to know the ins and outs of politics, medicine, religion, race, education, and so on. (2) I prefer real-time, face-to-face dialogue for expressing my thoughts about deeper topics and for learning from others.

It is under the current sociopolitical atmosphere that I struggle for energy and relevancy.

What I Plan to Write About / Where to Find Me

Recommended books from Beth Fish ReadsMy focus here at Beth Fish Reads has always been a bit personal. I write about the books that caught my attention, some of which I've read and reviewed and others that I've fed to the giant beast otherwise known as the TBR (to be read) list.

I plan to keep on reading, talking about books, and recommending books. It's just going to look a little bit different from what I've done before. Here's what to expect (assuming an ideal world -- ha, ha):

  • On Beth Fish Reads: A quick summary of the books I've read (every so often); lists of books that caught my eye, including audiobook information (hoping for one or two a month); Weekend Cooking posts (at least twice a month).
  • On Library Thing: A list of every book I've read, starting in January 2020. No public comments, no ratings.
  • On Goodreads: A list of every book I've read, starting in January 2020. Star ratings; some brief public comments if I have something to say.
  • On the AudioFile Magazine blog: A post every other Wednesday, alternating between narrator interviews and general audiobook talk.
  • On the AudioFile Magazine website and in the print edition: Audiobook reviews.
  • On Twitter, Instagram (posts and stories), and (maybe) Litsy: thoughts about books when the mood strikes.
Though my enthusiasm for blogging wanes, my love of books and sharing that love remains strong. I just need to find my place in this strange new world.

Stay healthy and safe. Wear your mask. Tell me what you've read lately.


Marg 7/10/20, 7:02 AM  

Whatever you decide to do, I hope that we find ways to still keep in touch. You have been such a driving force in the book blogging world, so I hope that you find your new normal and find some joy in what you are doing!

And if not, in these uncertain times, it is even more important than normal to be kind to yourself, no matter what that means.

rhapsodyinbooks 7/10/20, 7:46 AM  

So many people, including myself, feel waning enthusiasm for so much - which is odd, considering we all have more time. I guess despair saps energy, at least, in my case.

Amanda 7/10/20, 7:49 AM  

I feel like I'm doing the exact opposite - I'm reading less and less under quarantine, but writing/blogging more and more. It helps me to process through this time and chaos I suppose.

Kay 7/10/20, 8:30 AM  

I think everyone is processing and dealing with all the change and upheaval as they can. Good to know what you current plans are. My reading/blogging has been up and down and who knows how it will be in the future. I hope we can all engage now and then - just to keep in touch. However, our current situation has affected more than most of us ever dreamed it would and will continue to do so I suspect. A new 'normal' - what does that even mean? LOL

Whatever you choose to share, I'll be delighted to read. Take care!

Laurel-Rain Snow 7/10/20, 9:32 AM  

Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your new focus.

Debra Eliotseats 7/10/20, 10:04 AM  

Strange times indeed. Although I have a lot more time on my hands now, it seems like I have to force myself to get something posted most weeks. Sending many good thoughts your way as you decide a focus.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz 7/10/20, 10:05 AM  

It's an odd time. I'm glad you are finding ways to continue to share books with us. That's the heart of what I do in the blogging world.

Nicole Pyles 7/10/20, 10:50 AM  

I absolutely feel the same way although blogging hasn't quite been the same for me in a while. Lately I am really feeling it though.

Karen White 7/10/20, 10:58 AM  

As always, you bring us along with us on your book journey with clarity. All I can say is, happy reading because that's my own escape these days. That, writing and walking in nature.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea 7/10/20, 6:52 PM  

I have weeks when I'm all excited about reading and reviews and then other weeks when I just want to read and not review. I think it's normal to want to change up what we do. For me, it seems to keep these boring months a bit more interesting.

Les in Oregon 7/10/20, 11:36 PM  

I understand this so much. When I read a serious book, I'm never quite sure how to review it without offending someone because I'm not an expert and usually just give my overall reaction. I don't go into depth about the politics or social commentary that might be presented in the work. My blog has always been more for my own benefit; an online journal, if you will. Like you, I prefer to have f2f discussions about deeper issues. I am happy that you didn't take this moment to announce that you are leaving the blogosphere. I enjoy your cooking posts so much and would miss those, as well as your book recommendations. We're all adjusting to this new world, aren't we? Be well.

Jackie McGuinness 7/11/20, 10:10 AM  

I need you to continue your book reviews, I have added so many to my TBR list from your suggestions.

Iliana 7/11/20, 6:06 PM  

These times have affected all of us in different ways. I understand wanting/needing to make changes and definitely will continue to look forward to your book posts. Hope you are well and I'll be joining you in wearing my mask any time I'm out, which is rare.

Nise' 7/12/20, 10:12 AM  

Nodding my head in agreement, especially about talking face to face!

JoAnn 7/12/20, 4:46 PM  

This makes a lot of sense, and I think many of us are changing focus or readjusting how/what we share. Thanks you for all the book recommendations and wonderful recipes over the years and best of luck adjusting to a new routine. I can't seem to find you on goodreads... thought we were already friends there?

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