04 December 2008

25 Books: Wrap Up

My local library ran a fall reading challenge this year. Read 25 books between September 1 and December 31 and win a prize! (Books did not have to come from the library, audio and print were both accepted.) I turned in my entry form last night and had my choice of a calendar or mug. I picked the mug, which is in a nice orange-brown (for fall) with the library's logo on it.

This is the second library challenge I entered and completed. And it was a fun way to show my support.

Rather than list all the books I read (most were reviewed on this blog), I'll just present the stats:*

  • Vampires: 4
  • Mystery: 9
  • YA: 3
  • Nonfiction: 4
  • Historical fiction: 4
  • Fantasy: 3
  • Fiction: 4
*Totals to > 25 because some books fit two categories.


Anonymous,  12/4/08, 8:46 AM  


Jeanette 12/4/08, 8:50 AM  

I love that more libraries are doing adult reading programs and not just ones for the kids. The library I frequent the most does a really awesome Summer program. Nothing the other seasons though.
Congrats! Enjoy your mug! :-)

Anonymous,  12/4/08, 9:44 AM  

I wish my library would run something like this for the general public! Like Jeanette said, most of these programs are aimed at children.

Louise 12/4/08, 11:47 AM  

Congrats for completing a challenge. And even though I almost always am reading at least one book, I cannot read 25 books in such a "short" time. I wish I could though :o)

Anonymous,  12/4/08, 1:23 PM  

How fun! I've got to get more involved with my local library. I've always been so bad about returning in time, though...

By any chance were those four Vampire books the Twilight Series? :o)

Unknown 12/4/08, 1:54 PM  

Wow! You have a cool library. Mine only has challenges for childre, only in summer time and they can read only books from the library.

Anonymous,  12/4/08, 2:32 PM  

What an excellent idea. Your library or the librarian should get nominated for some kind of local award 9we have community service awards here once a year). Good on you for participating and completing the challenget too.

Anonymous,  12/4/08, 3:15 PM  

Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I wish my library will host a similar program.

Anonymous,  12/6/08, 12:15 PM  

ohh gooodd work there... i would escatic... and file a post of yahooooo's and wooo--hoo's if i could get to complete that feat :)

i dnt know.. i have NEVER read anything vampaire-ish... i m trying for the first time... starting with Twilight... i hope i like it... ;)

Anonymous,  12/10/08, 9:23 PM  

what a wonderful program - a reading incentive/challenge for adults!

I haven't seen anything like this at our library. They have a lot of great programs (and several discussion groups), but your library's program is new to me.

Glad you enjoyed it.

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