04 December 2008

Review: Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

Dead to the World is the fourth in the Southern Vampire series. This review assumes you've read the first three. For just my opinion, skip to below the asterisks.

When we last saw Sookie, she was finally alone, recovering from her latest injuries. She had forced both Bill and Eric out of her house by revoking her invitations and had sent Alcide back to Shreveport and Sam back to his trailer. What's a telepathic to do with so many men--and none of them exactly normal--interested in her?

Sookie's New Year's resolution is to make sure she doesn't get beaten up anymore. You know the saying Be careful of what you wish for? Sookie manages to avoid being hit, but that doesn't mean her life is easy. Just when she's getting used to vampires, shifters, and weres, she learns that there are witches in the world who have the power to cast spells.

On New Year's Eve, Sookie is working, Bill is in Peru, and Eric has had a spell put on him. Because he no longer remembers his friends, business, or status, Eric has to hide out at Sookie's. But Sookie has more to do than watch a vampire with amnesia; the police have told her that Jason has gone missing. So Sookie spends the first week or so of January helping the humans search for her brother and helping the supernatural beings find a way to get the curse off Eric. By the end of the book, neither Sookie nor Jason will ever be the same.

* * * * *
If you're looking for a fun series with great characters, then the Southern Vampire books are for you. The humor, the action, and Sookie herself keep me coming back for more. This entry in the series is better than the last (reviewed here), and I have high hopes for the remaining novels. I've read some and listened to others in the series; whichever medium you choose, the books will appeal to mystery readers and vampire lovers.

If you are an audiobook listener, don't miss Johanna Parker's fabulous narration of this series. I love the way she embraces Sookie's sassiness.

Published by Ace Books, 2005
ISBN-13: 9780441012183
Challenge: 25 Books
Rating: B


Unknown 12/4/08, 7:58 AM  

I thought this was one of the better ones as well. I love the "new" Eric, and how that changes their relationship. I finished the series the other day. Just can't put them down! Thanks for the review. :)

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide 12/4/08, 10:39 AM  

I have seen this book in the store but I haven't seriously thought of reading it. Everyone seems to like it.

Nely 12/4/08, 10:51 AM  

I told you so. Eric is a GOD! I love him and totally want him and Sookie to have a happily ever after. My favorite quote still remains: "Then a piece of him touched me. He wasn't standing that close. Yikes. Yahoo. Yum." LoL I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Michele 12/4/08, 11:42 AM  

Did I tell you I just bought the whole series (at least to current one)? My brother stole them before I could start in on them....ha. Oh well.

Anonymous,  12/4/08, 1:26 PM  

Hmm.. I'm wondering if I gave up too soon. Would I have to read the second and third to read this one? It sounds more fun.

Plus, Nely's comment might have a teeny bit of influence on why I want to read it. ;o)

Anonymous,  12/4/08, 2:46 PM  

I really want to start on the Sookie series now - hopefully I'll be able to next year.

Anonymous,  12/7/08, 10:29 AM  

I have got to get back into reading this series!

Desert Rose 5/20/09, 8:05 AM  

This was one of my favorite books!! I loved Eric he was so adorable :)

I linked to this one too :)


Jacqueline C. 6/16/09, 4:37 AM  

Found you through the Bookworms Carnival. Have you read the latest installment? I have a review of it in the carnival.

Alex the Girl 7/11/09, 6:56 AM  

I loved seeing new vampires enter the scene. Stan is definitely an interesting character, as well as the others living in his nest. If you liked this one a bit more than "Dead Until Dark," then I think you will definitely enjoy "Club Dead" just as much.

Fiona 7/30/09, 12:45 AM  

This is the next one on my reading list! Im really looking forward to it now after reading your review.

Fiona :)

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