09 February 2009

Musing Mondays: Bookmarks

Here's this week's Musing Mondays hosted by Rebecca at Just One More Page. Click on over to play along or to see other answers.

What do you use to mark your place while reading? Do you have a definite preference? Do you use bookmarks, paper, or (gasp) turn down the pages? If you use bookmarks, do you have a favourite one?

I generally use whatever is handy: a scrap of paper, a receipt, a bookmark, a sticky note, a page point. I never turn down the corner of the page, and I don't leave a book upside down and open. Although I don't have a favorite bookmark, I like ones that are flat and fairly thin.


Unknown 2/9/09, 7:53 AM  

I agree - I use whatever I can find! I have had a few book marks in the past (normally ones I've found in other books I've bought) but it normally isn't long before they fall in the bath!

Yvonne 2/9/09, 8:07 AM  

Once in awhile I'll use whatever I can find, but usually I'll grab a bookmark when I start a book and I'm ready to go :) I don't really have a favorite one, though. Probably one with cats on it :)

caite 2/9/09, 8:12 AM  

I am a reformed bookmarker. I am really pushing the magnetic ones I mention in my answer but I promise never to turn down a corner again.
..pretty much.

Anonymous,  2/9/09, 8:49 AM  

Whatever bookish accessories I find, I tend to go a little nuts...

bermudaonion 2/9/09, 8:49 AM  

I'm a bookmark girl!

Anonymous,  2/9/09, 9:12 AM  

Oh, I've used receipts before, too! I forgot all about that. I'm a major declutter-er, though... sometimes I'll forget the receipt is my bookmark and I'll crumple it up subconsciously to throw it away. They never last long!

Sandy Nawrot 2/9/09, 12:18 PM  

I used to use bookmarks made by a photographer...they are little "filmstrip" looking things, with four photos from various cities. (The first one I found in a library book, then I ordered a bunch more.)My favorites are of Chicago and San Fran, but she has many more. I now make my own, with a string of beads attached to a shephard's hook.

Beth F 2/9/09, 12:35 PM  

Sandy, I've seen those hooks before in my beading catalogs. I'll have to look into them. I *love* the photo strip idea. What a great idea.

Anonymous,  2/9/09, 12:58 PM  

I like the flat, thin bookmarks, too! I think the bejeweled, dangly ones are pretty, but I'm sure they would fall out constantly -- and that would majorly annoy me!

teabird 2/9/09, 1:10 PM  

I should have included the odd things I've used... like the paper covers of tea bags...

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous,  2/9/09, 1:29 PM  

Oh I'd never leave it upside down and open either! I shudder thinking about it.

I do, however dogear. ;o)

Lisa (Southern Girl Reads) 2/9/09, 2:42 PM  

Business cards are generally what I use. I never turn down the page though.

Anonymous,  2/9/09, 3:37 PM  

I usually use whatever is near me.

Kara 2/9/09, 4:09 PM  

I never ever dog-ear a book. I always use a bookmark, or my bookdarts.

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) 2/9/09, 7:28 PM  

I use bookmarks when I can remember them, and if I don't I use scraps of paper, sticks of gum or whatever is handy. I also play the memory game and try to remember the page that I am on.

Kate Karyus Quinn 2/9/09, 8:58 PM  

The "whatever is handy" seems to be a tried and true method of bookmarking!

Melody 2/9/09, 9:05 PM  

Me too. I tend to use anything that's handy. But of course, if I could find a pretty bookmark, I'd use it! ;)

Anonymous,  2/9/09, 9:24 PM  

You should definitely give a rock a try sometime! Although it's not the most portable thing... thanks for your comment on my post!

Nise' 2/9/09, 9:48 PM  

I will use anything that will not fall out and lose my place!

Anonymous,  2/10/09, 11:54 AM  

I came up with scrap paper as bookmark because I’ve always tried to make note-taking easier. I have used post-its but certain books won’t work because there are just too much notes I’m scribbling.

Joyful Days 2/10/09, 12:05 PM  

Receipts are always at the bottom of my purse, so they are handy. I've used them when in need!


Anonymous,  2/10/09, 5:56 PM  

I have bookmarks, but those are like reading glasses. I never have it handy when I need it!

Beth F 2/10/09, 6:01 PM  

J. Kaye: I have reading glasses in every room. Can no longer live without them, but I don't want to wear them around my neck on a chain.

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