19 June 2009

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge!

Welcome to all Bloggiesta participants! This is home to a blog-improvement mini challenge. If you choose to take on this task, you'll not only have a great rainy-day post but you'll be eligible for one of the publisher-sponsored giveaways!

The Task

So what's your task? Write a post and save it for another day; this mini challenge will put you ahead of the game.

The Details

Okay, so what are you going to write about? You get a choice: Write either an opinion post or a list post. But don't get discouraged, I have some help for you from ProBlogger.

(1) Here's information about opinion posts.
(2) Here's information about list posts.

Don't forget to check out the comments to ProBlogger's blog: You'll find links to examples and some extra tips.

You must have an opinion on something: what makes a good review, why you love audiobooks, why you'll never own an eReader, the importance of libraries. You get the idea.

Lists are easy: gather up some good reviews or interesting blog posts, tell us about your TBR pile, tell us about yourself, list your favorite kids books, share some of your wish list.

Note: Although a book review is an opinion post of a sort, I encourage you to stretch yourself and tell us your opinion about something else. The whole event, however, should be fun as well as helpful, so don't stress too much.

Now What

Once you've written your post, go ahead and either schedule it for posting or save it to use when you need some backup material.

EDIT FOR January 2011: Don't forget to come back and link up with Mr. Linky so you can get credit for the mini-challenge. If you want to, let us know which option you chose (in a comment here or on your blog). If you connect with Mr. Linky, you'll have a chance to win a prize.

For more information about the Bloggiesta, see Maw Books Blog for sign-up information and other mini-challenges.

Please use the following Mr. Linky for JANUARY 2011. I have comment moderation set for this older post but will be approving comments as quickly as I can.


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Lenore Appelhans 6/19/09, 7:48 AM  

Have fun Beth! I actually have to READ this weekend, can you believe it? I am sooo behind.

Susan Whelan 6/19/09, 8:26 AM  

I've finally written up an opinion post that I have been planning to write for a while. I'll probably post it sometime this coming week.

So, I've completed the mini-challenge AND I can cross one of the really-must-get-that-post-written topics off my To Do list. Yay!

Natasha @ Maw Books 6/19/09, 9:32 AM  

Thanks for writing up a fantastic challenge! I have my Potty Training 101 post which is a list post on my to do list. It's been in draft for probably a year and today is the day!

Jenners 6/19/09, 10:14 AM  

What a great idea...I'm sorry I missed this but I'll have to check out the post prompts ... it is good to have in your back pocket for when writer's block descends.

Pam@iwriteinbooks 6/19/09, 10:24 AM  

Exciting! I'm done with my post. Yippee! It is defense (more like in discovery) of community libraries. It's called What the World Needs Now Are Loans, Sweet Loans. it will probably go up Monday as I will be playing catch up on my book reading, then!
Thanks for hosting a fun check list event!

Liyana 6/19/09, 11:03 AM  

Great idea! I think I'm going to do up a lot of reviews (do they count opinion posts too? :D) and save them, then beep you!

Debbie 6/19/09, 12:30 PM  

I just finished writing my book review and it's scheduled to be posted on Sunday. Does that count as an opinion post?

Debbie 6/19/09, 1:13 PM  

Opps. *blush* I'd just finished doing my review post when I happened to come here. I didn't realize that the MAW Books instructions needed to be read first. I haven't properly signed up for this Bloggiesta, so ignore my above post. Sorry for being uncharacteristly impulsive.

Natasha @ Maw Books 6/19/09, 1:19 PM  

I would say that review posts count as opinion posts only as long as the topic is one that lends itself to opinionated comments. But there are lots of subjects and issues out there that you could write about that would give your blog more posts than just book reviews.

Ella Preuss 6/19/09, 3:20 PM  

I'm definitely doing this, I was going to write an About Me post, and I'll add this to that!
Nice idea thanks!

Melanie 6/19/09, 3:45 PM  

I just finished writing my opinion post. I talked about whether or not I thought it was worth reading a book when I knew what the ending was beforehand. I'm hoping it will open up some discussion. I'll be saving it for a rainy day. Great mini-challenge!

Kristen 6/19/09, 3:55 PM  

I just made up a post about why libraries rock - it's more like a list post. I had a lot of fun and it'll be great to have a back-up post when I don't have a book to review. Which, I'm not sure I will if I live on my blog today.

Anonymous,  6/19/09, 5:00 PM  

Wrote a rainy day post about what every writer needs. Was helped by peeps on Twitter.

Anonymous,  6/19/09, 7:01 PM  

i am using this challenge as a motivator--i have to tidy up my blog and update my sidebar. thanks for the reminder.

Marci 6/19/09, 7:45 PM  

I just did an opinion post about men vs. female thriller writers...

On to making a coffee and getting a page created for links and other bookish stuff

Ashley 6/19/09, 8:26 PM  

I decided to make a list post about all the V.C. Andrews books and details about each series. Thanks for the helpful links!

Margot 6/19/09, 10:55 PM  

I'm not participating in the Bloggiesta as we are on the road traveling again. I just wanted to stop by and cheer you on. Your cheerleading meant a lot to me during the Read-A-Thon. I wish you luck. I hope you get lots of things accomplished. Have fun too.

Sandra 6/19/09, 11:16 PM  

Thanks for the ideas. I couldn't manage most of the other mini challenges because I don't understand how to do those things-or what the terms mean. I can make a list type post though. Thanks.

Alyssa F 6/20/09, 12:00 AM  

This is such a great way to improve blog content. A great way to prep for those summer vacations. I've been meaning to write that opinion post on audiobooks forever! Thanks for the mini challenge!

Sheila (Bookjourney) 6/20/09, 1:21 AM  

I have completed your challenge. I wrote a post to save for a day when I need one. Just a little info on how I find and choose the books I read.

Thank you! :)


Britt 6/20/09, 3:17 AM  

I wrote a list post about opinions! :D

This is a really great challenge... I'm going to try to do one or two more tomorrow also!

Sherrie 6/20/09, 3:19 AM  

Hi Beth,
I have my LIST post read to post tomorrow morning at 10:00am. This was a really great idea, thanks for hosting.

Just Books

Katrina 6/20/09, 3:44 AM  

I have just finished and scheduled my Giveaways list post. I usually just link things and it looks unorganized and may be difficult to navigate, thanks to this mini-challenge I took the time to find out how bullets and sub bullets really work and how to make them useful. Come check it out tomorrow!

Liyana 6/20/09, 9:38 AM  

I just typed out and saved 21 posts, most of them reviews. Phew! :D I think most of them are opinion posts.

Liyana 6/20/09, 9:39 AM  

And some of them are list posts. :D But unordered though. :S

Nan 6/20/09, 10:18 AM  

Hi! I wrote 2 list posts for future use on my blog. This was a great idea for a mini challenge!

melissa @ 1lbr 6/20/09, 2:31 PM  

Just finished a post with both a list and asking for opinions (though I didn't give mine). Thanks for this challenge!

Haiku Amy 6/20/09, 3:33 PM  

Yeah! I just finished a list post for a rainy day.

Fun challenge!

Anonymous,  6/20/09, 3:51 PM  

I just finished typing up my post!
Thanks for the challenge =)

Shelley 6/20/09, 10:31 PM  

I just realized that I did a list post just this morning that might count! I'm a big fan of reading lists, it does move things along a bit and get the information across.

cindysloveofbooks 6/20/09, 11:01 PM  

As for the list post I just my Mailbox Monday in a list format and happened to notice that my Library Loot is done that way. Does that count?

Anonymous,  6/20/09, 11:55 PM  

I got my post all written up, but not scheduled. I will actually probably post it tomorrow when I get a chance. I think mine probably falls under a list post because I created a new perpetual challenge for myself to get through the books the have been on my TBR pile the longest.

I don't create too many posts in advance but I enjoyed it so I may do that more in the future.

Thanks for the fun challenge.

Anonymous,  6/21/09, 1:59 AM  

I have a solid draft of a post on what makes for a good (or bad) audiobook for me. I'm saving it for later, and I'll take a second pass at it then.

I really think the articles will be helpful, thanks for hosting this challenge.

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie 6/21/09, 2:05 AM  

The two articles on opinion and list posts were really interesting. I've drafted out an opinion post but there are still a few things I want to do with it. And I also used this challenge to write up two book coveting list style posts for the next two weeks.

Thanks for hosting this awesome challenge :)

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) 6/21/09, 5:44 AM  

I have a post that I wrote on Friday and saved for today. It's a list post about fathers in fiction. And its raining here today.

Heidenkind 6/21/09, 7:11 AM  

I did this--but later realized it wasn't an opinion or list post. It was an author interview. -_- Anyway, I schedules it to post at 10:30 AM on June 21st. Hopefully it will work!

Amber 6/21/09, 10:51 AM  

This mini-challenge reminded me I want to make an opinion post about book formats. Hardcover vs. Trade Paperback vs. Mass Market. It's now been added to my lists of posts I can get done ahead of time.

Wendy 6/21/09, 10:52 AM  

I have written a list post about summertime reading...I have it scheduled to post on Wednesday...thanks for helping me to get that written!!!

Gaby317 6/21/09, 1:35 PM  

I've just prepared a list post for future use. This was a helpful exercise. Thank you!

Angie 1/9/10, 12:57 AM  

Scheduled my first post. I wrote an opinion post on favorite genres that will be published tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for hosting this mini challenge!

aksimmo at brainerd.net

Katie 1/9/10, 1:48 AM  

I love writing lists -- thanks for giving me an excuse to write one up!

Unknown 1/9/10, 4:14 PM  

How fun - I actually just wrote two posts - they are all scheduled even! :)

Moonbeam 1/9/10, 10:29 PM  

I just scheduled my list post for use next Thursday since I'll be on my way to Mexico. This Bloggiesta came at the perfect time. Thanks!

nomadreader 1/10/10, 10:28 AM  

I have two future Sunday Salon opinion posts now, and I'm so thankful!

Sheila (Bookjourney) 1/10/10, 3:27 PM  

I just went through this one again. When the last Bloggiesta took place I was so new much of this went right over my head.

I have in my notes to soon write an opinion post and I just posted a challenge that incorporates a list post.

Thanks so much!

Booksnyc 1/10/10, 10:25 PM  

Thanks for hosting this! I drafted a list post that I can schedule for a day with no other planned activity. I have also put together a google doc with some other list ideas that I can draft when I have some downtime. thanks!


Alexia561 1/10/10, 11:17 PM  

Great idea! I wrote an opinion post on how we read and am working on a list post of my TBR books. Want to have at least 3 rainy day posts, so happy to see this challenge!

Unknown 1/11/10, 12:01 AM  

I put up a new list post that's linked permanently in my header - a list of some of my best posts so that newcomers can easily find them!

Jan von Harz 6/12/10, 6:52 AM  

Wrote my first list post about book covers I love. I will be posting it sometime next week.

Lydia 6/12/10, 5:35 PM  

I wrote a short, five point list on what will prompt me to write a bad review on a book. It was pretty fun to do!

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