18 June 2009

Thursday Tea (June 18): Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

Thursday Tea is hosted by Anastasia at Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog. Here's how it works: Tell us what tea you are drinking (and if you like it). And then tell us what book are you reading (and if you like it). Finally, tell us if they go together.

The Tea

This week I'm drinking Bigalow's Constant Comment. This best-selling tea is flavored with cinnamon and citrus and is available in tea bags everywhere. Apparently it was developed in the 1940s and helped launch the Bigalow Tea Company! My mom used to drink this tea when I was kid.

The Book

This week I'm listening to Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris. It's the fifth book in the Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire series. The second season of the HBO television series True Blood premired on Sunday, and I was inspired to read more about my favorite telepathic cocktail waitress. What's not to love about Sookie and her boss, Sam, and her vampire friends Bill and Eric? In fact, I have so much Sookie love, I started the Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge! Maybe you'll consider joining in the the fun.

The Assessment

Constant Comment is perhaps a little fancy for Sookie and the citizens of Bons Temps, Louisianna. Would Merlotte's bar or Sookie's grandmother serve flavored tea? But it's as good of a match as I have in my house, so it'll have to do!

Not into vampires? That's ok, I'd still like to know what you're reading this week. And what's in that glass or mug by your side?


Julie P. 6/18/09, 7:21 AM  

Hmmmm. I must admit that I'm stumped with an appropriate tea. How about mint flavored iced tea since it takes place in the south?

Beth F 6/18/09, 7:24 AM  

Shoot! Julie: You got it exactly. They are always drinking iced tea at the bar.

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) 6/18/09, 7:31 AM  

I have never heard of these books before the last two months, and of course- me being me, I'm curious. Is the HBO show based on the books?

I just finished reading Midnight Revelations by Karen Bence. It was random book that I picked up at BEA and I loved it. I love surprises like that! I love ginger tea. I have to hunt some up. I'm all out.

Beth F 6/18/09, 7:36 AM  

Nicole: yes, the series is based on the books. They don't follow the books exactly in plot but the characters are true to the books. Ginger tea sounds really good. And I'll look for your review of the Bence book.

bermudaonion 6/18/09, 7:54 AM  

You are jumping on that challenge with both feet!

Lauren 6/18/09, 9:30 AM  

I keep hearing excellent things about the Harris series - I'm really excited to start reading it!

Holly 6/18/09, 9:47 AM  

Now this makes me wish that I drink tea! Love the daily themed columns, Beth and Anastasia.


The Tome Traveller 6/18/09, 11:54 AM  

Constant Comment is my favorite! We drank it growing up, too. I use it to make a gallon jug of sun tea in the summer, six regular CC tea bags plus one lemon tea bag, set it in the sun until it is the color you like. DELISH! Refreshing & flavorful, doesn't need sugar. Hmmm, I never drink it hot, though. Don't know why.

I keep seeing these Charlaine Harris books everywhere, one of these days I'll have to pick one up.

Off to check out the challenge! (I'll admit, I stink at challenges, but I'm still gonna check it out!)

Nicole 6/18/09, 1:12 PM  

I enjoy Charlaine's books. They're a fun little romp. I haven't actually seen the series (well, I've seen the first half of the first episode) but I'm told you sort of have to look at them as different entities.

Here's my Thursday Tea.

Dorte H 6/18/09, 2:28 PM  

I have been thinking of your meme for days! I have just finished The No. 1 Ladies´ Detective Agency, and Mma Ramotswe drinks an amazing quantity of tea. Mostly redbush tea, I think, but in that climate I might follow her example.

Belle 6/18/09, 9:51 PM  

Mmmm. Constant Comment sounds delicious. When I start reading the first Sookie book for the challenge, I know I'll be thinking of this post and trying to figure out what tea would go well with Sookie!

Melody 6/18/09, 11:33 PM  

I need to catch up on this series! I've only read the first book so far!

Anonymous,  6/19/09, 12:51 AM  

Wild Berry Zinger, me thinks :-) It's blood red in color and it's a nice zippy taste. My favorite tea is Earl Grey, but I love to make sun tea. Annoying thing of it is, though, I need a new pitcher, and sun tea jars are now $6. Six Bucks! What the heck?! Last time I bought one I paid $3 and some change... Highway robbery, I tell ya!

Breezey375 6/19/09, 1:35 AM  

I love vampire books. I must say I only read two of these ones. I found that I didn't like Sookie as a character. I will say Charlaine Harris is an incredible author and I love her Harper/Grave series ( Grave Surprise, Grave something and An Ice Cold Grave).

Heidenkind 6/19/09, 1:59 AM  

I love Constant Comment tea. That's definitely a winner. :)

The Reading Momster 6/19/09, 3:56 AM  

You have an award at my place! Come over please!

The Reading Momster 6/19/09, 6:10 AM  

hmm... I am not sure about this tea :) :)

but i wish i could join in reading the book :)

Jess 6/19/09, 8:40 AM  

How about iced tea? They would definitely serve that at Merlotte's.

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