16 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday 156

Early Morning Reeds & Reflection, November 2011

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Beth F 11/16/11, 5:04 AM  

Today marks my third anniversary for participating in Wordless Wednesday. I took this shot at about 6am the other day -- the tree limbs are actually reflections in the pond. This was taken with the camera in my Droid.

caite 11/16/11, 5:14 AM  

A phone camera? wow.

Chinoiseries 11/16/11, 5:23 AM  

It's a beautiful photo, Beth. Also a bit surreal, as you can't really distinguish what is in the front or back (never would've imagined the tree was a reflection in the water!).

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea 11/16/11, 6:43 AM  

An amazing shot indeed from a camera phone -well done and kinda eerie as well.

Sandy Nawrot 11/16/11, 6:50 AM  

You have such an eye for shots like this. It has a very eerie quality to it. I'm not sure I would have given that scene a second look.

Indrani 11/16/11, 6:51 AM  

Congrats on your third annv. :)
I am trying to figure out the tree's reflection in water.

Daryl 11/16/11, 6:54 AM  

Lovely.... too bad the 'official' WW site is asleep this morning

Beth F 11/16/11, 6:58 AM  

@Indrani -- I was standing on a bank above the reeds so the water / reflection was the in the background. The pond was so still that you can't tell it's water and not sky.

bermudaonion 11/16/11, 7:04 AM  

Happy WW anniversary! Your picture is rather eerie looking.

Lori Brighton 11/16/11, 8:15 AM  

How pretty! And I love that picture on your blog, the bridge. Where was that taken?

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook 11/16/11, 8:30 AM  

Beautiful shot with the phone camera! Amazing these days, isn't it? The tree branches give it such an eerie feeling.

colleen 11/16/11, 8:42 AM  

It looks like a hurricane hit!

Ed T. 11/16/11, 8:55 AM  

Very nice shot, Beth. And, it is surprising the quality of cell phone cameras these days.

Happy WW Anniversary!


Barbara 11/16/11, 8:57 AM  

I like this. I've taken pictures of our ponds in early morning when the water is still, but don't have your eye for a great shot.

Karen Harrington 11/16/11, 9:01 AM  

This has a haunting quality to it. :)

Beth Hoffman 11/16/11, 10:00 AM  

Wonderful shot! Very atmospheric.

Zibilee 11/16/11, 10:11 AM  

I love this photo! The different perspectives of the branches and the reeds are mesmerizing.

Andi 11/16/11, 10:36 AM  

I love this! It has a distinctly Tim Burtony quality.

Beth F 11/16/11, 10:53 AM  

@Lori: I took that photo in Brugge

@Andi: Wow. Thanks!

SuziQoregon 11/16/11, 10:57 AM  

Three years of amazing photos! You're the reason I joined in on the Wordless Wednesday thing in the first place. I so admire your eye and talent with a camera (and phone).

This one is absolutely gorgeous.

SuziQoregon 11/16/11, 10:57 AM  

Three years of amazing photos! You're the reason I joined in on the Wordless Wednesday thing in the first place. I so admire your eye and talent with a camera (and phone).

This one is absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous,  11/16/11, 11:05 AM  

Beautiful shot, eerie. Even knowing what it was it took me a while to put it together.

catsynth 11/16/11, 12:27 PM  

Great shot. At first, it looked to me like broken beams and boards. I suppose I have ruins on the mind at the moment.

Congrats on 3 years of WW! It's amazing to see how far phone cameras have come in that time.

Jenners 11/16/11, 2:56 PM  

I love the light in this one.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews 11/16/11, 5:41 PM  

Hi Beth,

What a fantastic shot, so very atmospheric and eerily still looking. I am amazed that the tree limbs are in fact reflections, it throws the whole picture out of perspective when you know that, an amazing piece of work.

I am realy surprised by the quality of pictures that can be achieved with an android phone these days, my husband rarely takes his regular camera out any more, choosing to snap away with the 'droid' instead.

What a lovely post.


Unknown 11/16/11, 6:04 PM  

wow - awesome photo

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 11/17/11, 7:40 AM  

haunting. At first glance (and before I read the comments), I thought we were looking down a dock/pier with a masted boat in the distance.

No, I don't need glasses ... that was just a first glance.

Fun perspective.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) 11/17/11, 11:10 AM  

Glad you explained about the reflection. I was trying to figure out how the tree was at that angle! Nice perspective and an interesting capture.

Kaye 11/18/11, 8:16 AM  

I'm glad you explained too - I did think that was the sky in the background. Fantastic shot!

Michelle 11/23/11, 2:51 PM  

That looks like one creepy setting. All foggy-like and dark. You always find the most outstanding photos to take.

Alice 11/24/11, 8:07 AM  

Phone cameras these days take beautiful pictures and I love my iPhone. It's wonderful. I like this picture and you did a great job with the reflection. I wouldn't have known if you didn't made that note.

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