01 January 2012

What's in a Name 5: Something You'd Carry in Your Pocket

Here's the place to link up your reviews of books with something you'd carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack in the title.

If you don't have a blog or don't write reviews, please mark your progress in the comments.

If Mr. Linky ever disappears, just leave a comment or come back and link up later. Or email me (see contact icons in the sidebar) and I'll add your link when Mr. Linky is fixed.


Rachelle21 1/2/12, 1:11 PM  

Since within this story, the characters can put golden Kumquats in their pockets, I am listing it within this catagory.

dog eared copy 1/3/12, 9:25 AM  

Man, I crashed and burned my way through The Scarlet Letter and stayed up waaay too late to write the review and I'm *still* number 2! LOL, I also thought I was being so clever in picking The Scarlet Letter... that is until I saw it one of the examples given! Anyway, The Scarlet Letter at entry #2 it is :-D

rubyslipperz1052 1/7/12, 6:54 PM  

I'm going to listen to the audio version of Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Claire. This is book 2 in this series.

One might carry a pocket watch right? that would be equivalent to a clockwork piece... =) yes?


Nulaanne 1/10/12, 7:40 AM  

I am number 4!! WooHoo!

Sharon 1/14/12, 12:39 AM  

My first one is in: Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler. I enjoyed seeing what others read and look forward to more.

Laura Kozy Lanik 1/14/12, 5:52 PM  

This is my first category finished with the book Sarah's Key. I tried to read this last year and since I never got around to it, it fit perfectly into this challenge. Yeah!

Invincible 1/16/12, 11:04 AM  

You carry change in your pocket so I read "Changeless" by Gail Carriger for this category :)

Kelly 1/24/12, 11:16 AM  

I've always kept some sort of entertainment in my purse, especially now with the advent of game apps for smart phones. That's why I counted The Hunger Games for this portion of the challenge.

Darlene 1/24/12, 12:34 PM  

My pick was "Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask" by Darlene Foster. You could carry either perfume or a flask in your purse, pocket or backpack!

rhondak101 1/24/12, 1:23 PM  

I'm trying to combine this challenge with the Science Fiction Grandmasters Challenge over at Worlds Without End (www.worldswithoutend.com) I didn't have any trouble choosing my book for something in the sky . But the purse, backpack one is much harder. I'm thinking that I might choose Bradbury's Dandelion Wine--you could carry either a dandelion or a bottle of wine in a backpack, right? :)

pinsandneedles 1/25/12, 5:20 PM  

Just posted my review of my book pick The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs.

Rachelle21 1/26/12, 5:07 PM  

I tried to connect to my blog via posts numbered 1 and 17 and they did not go anywhere. I hope 18 gets you to my blog.

HeatherAnne 1/27/12, 12:05 PM  

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey. Fun fantasy read.

Love the logic on Changeless by Gail Carriger. I'm reading that now, but I've already filled this category so it won't help me now.

Helen's Book Blog 2/6/12, 8:44 AM  

I don't carry a gun in my purse, but there are plenty that do!

Peggy@Peggy Ann's Post 2/9/12, 9:36 PM  

I might be stretching it with my title "A Day of Small Things' but that's what you carry in your purse...small things:)

Melanie 3/2/12, 7:13 PM  

My something I'd carry is LOVE IN A NUTSHELL by Janet Evanovich. I mean, yes, I generally throw out the nutshells after I eat the nutmeat. But, you know, this was a little harder to find a title for!

grammajudyb 3/4/12, 11:56 PM  

Just finished "Two for the Dough" by Janet Evanovich. Dough=money. Money you carry in a purse or pocket. I didn't find this a difficult category at all. I had lots to choose from but was anxious to read #2 in the series. So I chose it.

Gilion at Rose City Reader 3/10/12, 4:34 PM  

I just finished my first book for this challenge. No surprise to me that many people read books with "book" in the title for this category. :)

Shonna 3/28/12, 10:55 AM  

I always have paper in my purse, so figured this title would do it.

ME 4/8/12, 8:45 AM  

I chose "Ashes", by Ilsa J Bick as Alex, the main character carries her parents' ashes around in her backpack! That's not cheating, right? :P

hannah 4/10/12, 1:08 PM  

I just finished "Lost in a Good Book" by Jasper Fforde. #2 of the Thursday Next series. Second book down!

Jane 4/22/12, 8:06 PM  

For this one I read The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. One of my favorites this year so far.

Brenda 5/7/12, 7:57 PM  

I love to read and thought since I read so many books every year this challenge would go quickly. This is the third book I have finished that fits one of the categories. I may have to start searching for books to fit the categories instead of hoping that one of the books I have waiting for me to read fits. The book I read was Bet Your Bottom Dollar.

WutheringWillow @ A Paperback Life 5/12/12, 12:07 AM  

Just re-read A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie. Now it does say 'pocket' but rye is not something you'd usually find in anyone's pocket. Actually that is part of the mystery in the book. Why was rye found in the dead man's pocket? Anyways, is this an appropriate title for this category?

Beth F 5/12/12, 7:35 AM  

WutheringWillow -- oh yes this would work -- that's part of the creativity and fun of this challenge. If Christie says you can have rye in your pocket, then who am I to argue. :)

WutheringWillow @ A Paperback Life, 5/13/12, 2:02 AM  

Thanks! Now I can link up.

Yay another book completed for this challenge! :-)

CMash 5/17/12, 7:41 AM  

2 more to go!!!
Congratulations and good luck to all that are participating!!

Carine 5/31/12, 2:43 PM  

Finally, my first book for this challenge!

Unknown 6/6/12, 2:29 PM  

Finally I read a book for this! I read James and the giant Peach, since you can put a peach in your bag or backpack for lunch or a snack.

Teresa 6/13/12, 3:31 PM  

Mine was a bit creative. I read The Milk Memos. Can be perceived two ways. You might carry a memo in your pocket (thanks Beth Fish) or as a nursing mom I carry my pump bag with me daily. By the end of the day I'm toting milk. :)

Paula 6/17/12, 10:38 PM  

Finished my first book for this years challenge - The Memory Book - pretty sure you could carry that around in a backpack for some memory recording, right?

On to the next!

Julie 7/27/12, 9:18 AM  

I did Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs because you can always fit chocolate in your purse.

Mary R. 9/9/12, 11:01 AM  

I found this category harder than I expected to find a title for. I was nearly done with this book when I realized you could have a shilling in your pocket (or I suppose a candle) so it fits.

Librarybug 9/10/12, 1:32 PM  

My favorite book of the year is The Journal of Best Practices by David Finch.

Bibliophile 9/11/12, 11:36 AM  

Just posted my link. Forgot to state the book, which was The Motorcycle Diaries. At one time I did carry around two diaries or journals in my bag, one a visual diary and the other a regular one, so it counts for me.

Karen White 9/16/12, 11:46 PM  

So obvious, I can't believe it took me so long to figure this out! "The Eighty Dollar Champion" by Elizabeth Letts is my choice for this category. Admittedly, I am a horsey girl, but this was such a great story of an immigrant's challenge as well as a good ole horse tale. And non-fiction to boot!

Christine Harding 11/5/12, 1:44 PM  

Just checking where I am, and discovered An Invitation to the Waltz, which I thought I posted when I read it back in July... but obviously didn't... am I too late to post it now please?

Librarybug 11/20/12, 12:57 PM  

The Journal of Best Practices is my favorite book of the year. Everyone should read it!

Book Dragon 11/24/12, 5:24 PM  

started The Eighty Dollar Champion for this then read The Book of Deacon
by Joseph Lallo for fun and am counting that. I think we all carry a book in our "pocket" ;-)

Mariana 11/25/12, 7:06 PM  

Loose Change by Sean Kennedy

This is part of the Petit Morts series by Josh Lanyon, Clare London, Jordan Castillo Price and Sean Kennedy. It's a very good series around a particular character and chocolate.

Lady In Read 12/28/12, 6:58 PM  

i did read many books but after adding Thimble Summer to this list realized books cannot overlap so here is Nutshell Library instead (i know!) - both the actual 'Nutshell Library' and nutshells have found their way into my purse.

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