01 January 2012

What's in a Name 5: Type of House

Here's the place to link up your reviews of books with a type of house in the title.

If you don't have a blog or don't write reviews, please mark your progress in the comments.

If Mr. Linky ever disappears, just leave a comment or come back and link up later. Or email me (see contact icons in the sidebar) and I'll add your link when Mr. Linky is fixed.


H Lynnea 1/21/12, 5:04 PM  

Finished my first book of the year, and my first book of this challenge: The Alehouse Murders, by Maureen Ash (Book 1 of the Templar Knight Mysteries).

Christine Harding 1/22/12, 8:50 AM  

Posted a bit about Castle Rackent (Maria Edgeworth)which I read for Novembers Autumn Classics Challenge, so can I use it here as well please? Also, I seem to have problems with Mr Linky, so I hope it works, http://chriscross-thebooktrunk.blogspot.com/2012/01/castle-rackrent.html

HeatherAnne 1/27/12, 12:03 PM  

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Rigg. NOT what I expected. Good though.

Peggy@Peggy Ann's Post 1/27/12, 1:17 PM  

Finished my first one! 'The House with the Green Shutters' by George Douglas Brown

Radhika 1/31/12, 2:29 PM  

Just finished 'The Glass House'.

Helen's Book Blog 2/6/12, 8:43 AM  

Guantanamo Bay prison is definitely a "house" though a horrifying one!

icefireski 2/8/12, 10:49 AM  

Okay so I might have gotten a little creative with my choice, but I decided to use Room by Emma Donoghue for this category because in the story, Room is a house to them, it's their entire world.

Amodini 2/10/12, 6:22 PM  

Thanks for hosting! I will be reading the following books for this challenge:
- The Lilac House (Anita Nair)
- Drifting House (Kris Lee)

Amodini 2/10/12, 6:25 PM  

Realised after linking upto my blog that I should have linked upto my review! Please remove my link (I'm at #21 Amodini) for now and will come back and link up my review.

Kelly 2/20/12, 10:03 AM  

Forgot to list the title of my book in my link! Corduroy Mansions by Alexander McCall Smith.

Melanie 3/2/12, 7:11 PM  

My type of house is SAFE HOUSE by Meg Cabot - http://dakimel.blogspot.com/2012/02/paranormal-young-adults.html - I really tore through this series, and not just because it gave me two titles for this challenge. :)

pinsandneedles 3/6/12, 1:29 PM  

I read 'Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet' by Jamie Ford for this challenge. Great story!

Unknown 4/13/12, 1:43 AM  

I've entered Pyramids by Terry Pratchett - a bit of a stretch but they do have things residing in them!

Shane Marie 4/17/12, 8:09 PM  

I read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for this challenge. If I can ever kick my son off the computer for longer then 10 minutes I will get a review posted on my poor neglected blog!!

Shane Marie 4/17/12, 8:11 PM  

I read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for this challenge. I loved it!!! If I can ever get my son off the computer for longer then 10 minutes I will post a review on my blog!!

grammajudyb 4/19/12, 9:42 PM  

This is my final entry. I am finished.

CMash 4/20/12, 8:59 AM  

Not doing as good as last year. This is only my 2nd post.
GL everyone!!

Patty 4/25/12, 10:37 AM  

This is my last post - 1st challenge to be completed!

Rachelle21 5/12/12, 6:43 PM  

My book was the Pink House by Louise Platt Hauck. It is an older book and may not be available for anyone else to read. I believe I found it at a library book sale.

Brenda 7/3/12, 4:34 PM  

I read The Red Tent and have just wrote my post on it but forgot to add the title to the link but the link is up. This was the fifth book out of the sixth. The hunt is on for something you would find on a calender. Thanks for this challenge have great fun with it!

hannah 7/31/12, 4:50 PM  

I just finished, "the Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom. I figured lots of people were living in that "place" making it a house. (and the house she lived in was the actual hiding place...)

Mary R. 9/9/12, 10:55 AM  

I finally finished Bleak House--it took months--which is both my "house" book for this challenge and one of my chunksters for the tea & books challenge.

Karen White 9/16/12, 11:38 PM  

I am choosing "Shelter: A Novel" by Frances Greenslade for this category. Such a beautiful novel - I guess a coming of age story about a girl and her family in Northwest Canada. About the bonds of sisters, loss and moving on from tragedy and through hardship.

Buried In Print 9/28/12, 10:39 AM  

I knew I'd be choosing a book with "shell" in the title (either the Rosamund Pilcher novel, The Shell Seekers, which has been on my TBR for about 20 years, or this one); I'm surprised by how many human house titles there are here, as not one is on my shelves or stacks, but that's one of the things that makes this fun, seeing how everybody's choices fit into the year's categories.

Bibliophile 10/1/12, 3:22 PM  

My final book: Daughters of the House by Michèle Roberts.

Darlene 11/15/12, 3:16 PM  

This was my last task, and it was the hardest one for me!

The book that I chose for this task is "The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman."

Graveyard = type of house, right?

Book Dragon 11/24/12, 5:22 PM  

I didn't see me and I finished this so long ago!

I read Houseboat on the Nile by Tinnean

Mariana 11/25/12, 7:07 PM  

Temple Boy by Heidi Cullinan

dollycas aka Lori 12/20/12, 9:06 AM  

Finally finished the challenge up with Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews!

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