26 July 2012

Thursday Tea: Dark Companion by Marta Acosta

The Book: I'm currently reading Marta Acosta's Dark Companion. All I knew about the book before I opened it was that the novel had some paranormal elements. I'm on page 109 (of 356), just starting Chapter 11, and I haven't met any vampires or ghosts yet. The Prologue, however, contains strong signs of some kind of otherworldly beings.

The story is about Jane Williams, who was orphaned at age six and put into the American foster care system. She had a rough childhood in group homes located on the wrong side of the tracks. Through hard work and some luck, she scores a full scholarship to the local private high school for girls from well-off families.

As you can imagine, Jane is worried about fitting in at her new school. So far her junior year is about a week into the term. The good news is she has met some nice classmates; the bad news is there are some mean girls at the school. Her class schedule includes journalism, a class called "Night Terrors," and honors chemistry. Jane is trying her best to keep up with the other students.

As part of her scholarship, she lives alone in the old caretaker's cottage on the edge of a spooky birch wood. She's been warned to lock her doors at night, and she hears enough strange noises outside to obey. Of course, there are boys; in this case, there is a cute guy and his creepy brother, both of whom have indicated an interest in the new girl.

Marta Acosta's writing and the plot have captured my interest. There is a definite Jane Eyre feeling about Dark Companion (and the publicity documents mention this too). It's not so much the storyline as the atmosphere and, obviously, Jane's name and status. As I mentioned, Acosta has hinted at Gothic elements, and I'm curious about what kinds of paranormal happenings will go on at the school or perhaps in the woods. At this point, I'm clueless, but I'm hooked.

The Tea: This week's iced tea is Adagio Tea's Orange black tea. Here's the description: "Our Orange Black tea combines fresh and brisk Ceylon black tea with the flavor of juicy, ripe Florida oranges, playfully accented with orange peel." The orange flavor isn't very powerful, but it makes a great summer drink over ice.

The Assessment: Jane Williams has probably never had a good-quality tea in her life. Her classmates, however, are probably very familiar with fruit-flavored teas, and I bet they'd like this one. I have a feeling that Jane will soon be learning how the better half lives, and she may even stock her small kitchen with some decent tea.

What About You? Have you read Dark Companion? If so, will it hold up to my expectations? Are you drinking anything interesting these days? And what are you reading this week?

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Barbara 7/26/12, 8:58 AM  

I'm reading John Grisham's The Confession and as usual with his books, the clock is ticking as the lawyer's team tries to save an innocent man from execution - in Texas of all places. Very good. It's keeping my mind off of my appt. tomorrow at the Cancer Center to find out about my chemo. Meanwhile, I've been drinking iced tea by the gallon this hot summer.

Daryl 7/26/12, 9:32 AM  

sounds interesting as does your tea tho I am not a lover of orange in any thing ..

If you havent read The Last Werewolf, do, its really good .. just downloaded the 'sequel' ..

Daryl 7/26/12, 9:32 AM  

sounds interesting as does your tea tho I am not a lover of orange in any thing ..

If you havent read The Last Werewolf, do, its really good .. just downloaded the 'sequel' ..

Jenn's Bookshelves 7/26/12, 11:56 AM  

Oh this one has piqued my interest!

bermudaonion 7/26/12, 1:47 PM  

I don't think I'd like staying in that caregiver's cottage by myself. This book sounds good!

Beth Hoffman 7/26/12, 3:28 PM  

I have to say that the tea your drinking sounds wonderful!

Right now I'm re-reading Bailey White's MAMA MAKES UP HER MIND because it makes me laugh and laugh.

Julie P. 7/26/12, 6:40 PM  

That tea does sound wonderful!

Howard Sherman 7/26/12, 7:36 PM  

I'm linking how Marta Acosta is holding back with Dark Companion. I'm currently reading book 2 of Jonathan Maberry's Pine Deep trilogy and he's done exactly the same thing. I'm 66% through Dead Man's Song and the true evil of Pine Depp is finally showing up.

I used to be very big on getting to the good part early and fast but I must say I'm finding a lot to like about holding out and letting the reader sweat it out a bit.

caite 7/26/12, 8:15 PM  

I'm not sure about the book, but the tea sounds delightful.

Nise' 7/26/12, 10:50 PM  

I have not read this book. I am currently reading Death Comes to Pemberley. With the heatwave, I've been enjoying iced green tea.

Joanna 7/27/12, 7:46 AM  

Sounds haunting! I love fruity tea. I recently discovered an orange-infused black tea that I adore.

Zibilee 7/27/12, 2:57 PM  

I haven't ever heard of this book before, but it sounds really good! I also love teas that feature oranges in some way. I am discovering that that is the only fruit that I like in my tea. Otherwise, I prefer more traditional teas.

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