24 July 2012

Wordless Wednesday 191

Looking Up through Queen Anne's Lace, 2012

For the full effect, click image to enlarge. For more Wordless Wednesday, click here.


Beth Hoffman 7/24/12, 10:31 PM  

This is wonderful! The minute I saw it, I felt like a tiny garden fairy looking up.

Jessica 7/24/12, 10:35 PM  

So pretty! I thought I was on a ride at a carnival.

Journey Dreams 7/24/12, 10:46 PM  

This macro shot is awesome.. Thanks for sharing..

SuziQoregon 7/24/12, 11:50 PM  

Very Very Very Cool!! I love looking at things from unexpected angles. This is fabulous!

Indrani 7/25/12, 1:26 AM  

Wonderful perspective.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) 7/25/12, 1:39 AM  

That's a beauty. Like a little umbrella.

caite 7/25/12, 6:22 AM  

Who thinks of this...very good.

Ed T. 7/25/12, 6:38 AM  

Beautiful - from that angle it looks like a garden gnome (or an ant) is taking a picture of what, to them, is a very tall tree!

Happy WW!

Sandy Nawrot 7/25/12, 7:10 AM  

Only you can make Queen Anne's Lace look like a work of art!

bermudaonion 7/25/12, 7:16 AM  

The perspective makes it look gigantic!

Anonymous,  7/25/12, 7:57 AM  

That is a beautiful shot. well-done!

Daryl 7/25/12, 8:07 AM  

quite a fabulous shot

Heather 7/25/12, 8:14 AM  

What a fantastic shot! The simple complexity of nature is so beautiful, if that makes any sense.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity 7/25/12, 8:58 AM  

I love this!! At first glance I thought it might be a dandelion gone to seed but then I realized the tiny little blossoms. Gorgeous shot of the Queen Anne's Lace.

Jenn's Bookshelves 7/25/12, 9:21 AM  

Gorgeous! This photo is now my desktop background :)

Zibilee 7/25/12, 9:49 AM  

It looks like a really intricate tree from down below! This is a great photo! I am going to have to direct my husband to your Wednesday offerings. He has hopes of becoming a photographer, and would probably love to see these!

Secret Mom Thoughts 7/25/12, 10:34 AM  

I like the perspective. Nice shot.

Barbara 7/25/12, 10:39 AM  

Lovely, unique photo.

catsynth 7/25/12, 12:25 PM  

Great perspective. I like seeing the flowers backlit against the white sky. Looks quite architectural.

catsynth 7/25/12, 12:25 PM  

Great perspective. I like seeing the flowers backlit against the white sky. Looks quite architectural.

Jen 7/25/12, 12:43 PM  

Oh -- very cool!! I love how your angle here really shows off the delicate details of the plant.

kay - Infinite Shelf 7/25/12, 1:46 PM  

Oh, that's such an interesting angle! I love it, it really does look like lace from this point of view!

Andi 7/25/12, 2:35 PM  

I wish one of these would grow big enough for me to curl up underneath. :D

Jenners 7/25/12, 3:45 PM  

This is like something you would see if you were a fairy! Love it!

chrisa511 7/25/12, 8:00 PM  

Oooh, what a gorgeous photo!

Meg @ write meg! 7/27/12, 11:02 AM  

Love that perspective! So different and cool. Makes me feel like an ant.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks 7/30/12, 10:31 PM  

Beautiful! I second Beth's comment about a garden fairy's perspective.

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