20 January 2018

Weekend Cooking: Healthyish by Lindsay Maitland Hunt

Review: Healthyish by Lindsay Maitland HuntJust in time for post holiday eating, I received Lindsay Maitland Hunt's cookbook Healthyish from Abrams as part the Abrams Dinner Party.

I love the concept of this cookbook, which offers a realistic perspective on eating for good health. While the dishes include whole grains and vegetables without processed foods, they don't shun a little bacon or cheese.

It's also reassuring that the recipes have been tested by real cooks, and the final dishes have regular people appeal. Most of the recipes are accompanied by a photograph, and all come with tips, clear instructions, and international measures.

The majority of the recipes in Healthyish are weeknight friendly and use a minimum of equipment, making cleanup easy. And the food is just so darn pretty to look at. You can get a hint from the photo on the cover, and even my own photographs (to the right, below) make dinner look yummy.

As I'm writing, I'm laughing at myself because I really hadn't planned on writing a review. I was just going to share a recipe for a pork and squash dish we really liked. But as I was composing the introduction, I seemed to have fallen into review territory. Ooops.

Review: Healthyish by Lindsay Maitland HuntThen when I started flipping through Healthyish to find that pork recipe, I stumbled on what may be the most genius recipe of all. I live under a rock, so perhaps this will be not be news to you, but it was earth-shattering to me. Hunt has a recipe for a single chocolate and peanut butter cookie. Whoa!

You know how sometimes you wish you had a little something to go with your tea, but you don't want to actually bake and you don't then want to stare at all 36 cookies? Well, here's a single cookie you could be eating about 10 minutes after you had the thought.

I can't eat peanuts but I know this would work with a nut butter substitute, and the blurb for the recipe assures me that almond butter works just fine too. Oh and no oven required, so it's perfect for summer too.

Since I've kind of written a review, I'll finish by saying that, although I like many of the recipes in Healthyish and plan to continue exploring it, it's not going to be as heavily used as The Dinner Plan. I would recommend Lindsay Maitland Hunt's cookbook for cooks who need a little inspiration for tasty meals (breakfast through dessert) that are nutritious but that don't go cross the line into the too austere. Vegetarians will find a number of good recipes, but should probably look before they buy.

Here's the photo of the single-serve cookie and the recipe. Click on the image to enlarge it. Enjoy!

Review: Healthyish by Lindsay Maitland Hunt

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Mae Travels 1/20/18, 6:09 AM  

You didn't describe the texture of that "cookie" and I wondered if it had the satisfying combination of crunch and crumble that characterizes a traditional chocolate chip cookie. That said, it's good to be able to make just a few of any cookies -- standard chocolate chip cookie dough lasts in the fridge for several days so that you can bake a few at a time and always eat them hot and fresh. Though the total number eaten is thus rather high. (Just one cookie: not enough in my book!)

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

rhapsodyinbooks 1/20/18, 6:21 AM  

Great idea for a single cookie recipe!

Mae Travels 1/20/18, 6:49 AM  

Mistake in my previous comment -- meant to ask about the satisfying combination of crunch and crumble that characterizes a traditional PEANUT BUTTER cookie!

sorry... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Karen 1/20/18, 7:31 AM  

My 16yo is the queen of the one-serving treats! She's always got something going on, usually in a mug in the microwave. She also knows how to make just a couple of pancakes for breakfast. Maybe she should write a cookbook...!

gluten Free A_Z Blog 1/20/18, 8:02 AM  

Interesting title- hope the recipes are more healthy than "ish" .. Thanks for sharing your recipe and review. Have a great week

bermudaonion 1/20/18, 8:09 AM  

Now, that's my kind of healthy eating. I love the idea of making a single serve cookie because we rarely eat a whole batch when I make one.

Tina 1/20/18, 8:14 AM  

That’s funny, a single cookie recipe. I like your review, even if you didn’t mean to write one. I check many cookbooks out of the library for a preview as I try, emphasis on try, to cook vegetarian at home. Many cookbooks don’t offer but a handful of recipes and so, not worth buying. I will certainly try and get this one from our library. Love the cover.

Claudia 1/20/18, 11:00 AM  

The book sounds good, and I always enjoy beautiful looking meals. Hope it's in the library! Also Beth, my linky doesn't seem to be working??

Beth F 1/20/18, 11:20 AM  

I fixed @Claudia's link so all should be fine now.

Les in Oregon 1/20/18, 12:11 PM  

I've been living under the same rock! Genius idea, although my husband would wonder why in the world anyone would eat just one cookie. :)

Vicki 1/20/18, 1:16 PM  

I've never heard of making a single cookie, but it's a great idea! Sounds easy and looks good!

Esme 1/21/18, 7:18 PM  

Sounds like a fun book-I want o try the single cookie. Thank you.

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