22 May 2021

Weekend Cooking: Keto BBQ by Myron Mixon (Plus Giveaway)

Review of Keto BBQ by Myron MixonA couple of years ago I wrote about Myron Mixon's BBQ&A cookbook, which totally upped our grilling game. We still turn to that book for sauces, spice rubs, and just plain good advice on how to grill successfully. Now Mixon has come out with a new book, Keto BBQ, which, as the title suggests, reworks his recipes for those who are following a keto diet. (Thanks to Abrams and the Abrams Dinner Party for the review copy.)

Mixon is a world-famous barbecue pitmaster champion, and so, as you can imagine, he really knows his stuff when it comes to traditional grilling and smoking and making any BBQ meal delicious.

When he realized it was time for him to lose weight, he picked the diet/eating plan that suited his lifestyle best: the low-carbohydrate, no-sugar, meat-heavy plan known as keto. By tweaking his tried-and-true recipes and changing his eating habits (explained in the Keto BBQ), Mixon lost more than 100 pounds and has kept it off.

Now, to be fully transparent, I don't know a whole lot about keto eating, so I can't evaluate the information he provides. He, however, doesn't claim to be a nutritionist or doctor; he just knows what worked for him. Though I too am not a keto expert, I do know about cooking and how to evaluate a cookbook. Here's what I discovered about Mixon's Keto BBQ: The flavor profiles of the new recipes--from the spice rubs and sauces to the meats and side dishes--are very similar to those found in his earlier cookbook. I have full confidence that the recipes in this book will lead to delicious low-carb meals.

Review of Keto BBQ by Myron MixonI made the slow-cooker pulled turkey recipe from Keto BBQ, but I used Mixon's original poultry rub and one of his original sauces (because I already had them made up and because I didn't want to buy monk fruit powder). Note, however, that the new rub and sauce recipes in Keto BBQ are almost identical in ingredients, minus the sugars, to his originals. The recipe worked great and the meat was really juicy and delicious.

Mixon includes a number of recipes for side dishes, drinks (with and without alcohol), and appetizers in his new book--all keto friendly. Note too that a number of recipes call for a backyard smoker.

GIVEAWAY: Because we don't follow a keto diet, but we do love Myron Mixon's flavor combos, I'd like to give this cookbook away to someone who will get way more use out of it than I will. All you have to do to be entered in the international giveaway (yes, I'll ship the book to you no matter where you live) is to fill out the following form. I'll pick a winner via a random number generator on Friday, May 28. Once the winner has been confirmed and has sent me his or her mailing address, I'll delete all the email info from my computer. Good luck to those who enter.

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Tina 5/22/21, 7:38 AM  

My understanding of Keto is it’s another version of Adkins and avoidance of carbs. But I don’t know that much except what I hear from a friend in St Pete who cooks that way.

BBQ is always great in my opinion! I can usually find a few recipes I’d Iike to try in any book.

Jackie McGuinness 5/22/21, 8:58 AM  

I do know something about keto as it often appears in gluten free recipes for some odd reasons. Recipe makers don't seem to be able to separate gluten free from dairy free and keto. They tend to write gluten free/vegan/daily free/keto recipes when some of us just want gluten free!
Keto is very heavy on eggs. My step daughter tried it but found it was just too heavy, having bacon and eggs every day.

Melynda@Scratch Made Food! 5/22/21, 10:06 AM  

We are not keto, but I will have to keep an eye out for his other books. We cook over an open fire, a gas grill, and a smoker around here!

gluten Free A_Z Blog 5/22/21, 11:39 AM  

I have a friend whose son was following keto for medical reasons (epilepsy) although it helped in the beginning eventually it did not help him and he went back to a less restrictive way of eating. I wonder if there is concern for the high protein content on the kidneys.

Vicki 5/22/21, 3:34 PM  

I love BBQ and this book sounds interesting. I'd love to read the questions and see what answers he gives.

Marg 5/29/21, 3:41 AM  

We played with Kato for a little while but I wouldn't say that we were 100% keto and it didn't last very long but I think we would still enjoy looking through this book to see what tips we couldfind!

Greg 5/31/21, 3:41 PM  

100 lbs! Wow! I've never done keto but I do love good barbecue (and it's tough because I was told to eat less meat for medical reasons) but I would definitely try this!

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